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Local Races

Combining fitness and fun may seem like an impossible task to some, but a number of local organizations have found a way with the…


One Perfect Day in Old Town Alexandria

Alexandria is a European-like town with its narrow streets and charming homes. It can’t be taken in in just one day, so plan to come back, or just make it your second home like I did!


Vintage Cape Charles

My husband introduced me to the quaintest little beach town about five years ago, and since then we’ve made sure to visit every summer….


48 Hours in Seattle

Seattle. A city that adapts to the continued expansion and infusion of industry and art in a way that stays true to its own unique characteristics.

Local Distrilleries

Distilling District in Northern VA

Move over beer—there’s a new craft beverage in town. 2016 has shaped up to be the year of spirits with both new and established craft distilleries in the spotlight. So whether you’re a longtime lover of libations, or looking to expand your expertise in elixirs, check out these four distilleries.



In the past few months, we have all heard news reports about a new disease called Zika.  The reports tell us about babies being born…


Play, Work, Or Dash

Neither here nor there: that’s where some workers, many of them parents, find themselves. Not able to count themselves as traditional workers with a…