A Fitness Revolution for a Fitness Resolution

A Fitness Revolution for a Fitness Resolution


As 2014 approaches, resolutions will soon be made with the most common promise to one’s self being: “lose weight.” Gym rats know the month of January can be pretty difficult to get a normal workout in with all of the resolution newbies crowding the gyms but, this year, gyms may be less crowded as the traditional gym is losing its sex appeal. Specialty fitness studios that cater to more individualized attention are popping up all around the DMV. Workouts can be more fun. In some cases, the classes are straight torture, but I guarantee you will get a great return on your investment.

With so many new studios and fitness trends in the area, I’ve pulled together a list of workouts in the metro area. This fitness glossary breaks down the locations and what you can expect from a workout.

TRX is as hardcore as it can get…a suspension workout that originates from Navy Seal training. This workout involves suspending straps that make you use your own body weight to perform a plethora of exercises from mountain climbers, atomic pushups, single leg squats and burpees. These classes can involve high impact interval training and are often fast-paced – pushing you in as little as 45 minutes
NuFit Studio – Ashburn, VA
Reformation Fitness – Washington, DC

This is a high intensity strength and conditioning program that combines a variety of different movements that. This workout will leave you sweating and feeling sore afterwards, but you need to be careful to use proper form.
HIGHBAR Crossfit – Ashburn, VA – Offers a discounts to Law Enforcement, Active Military, EMT, Firefighters, and Teachers
Crossfit Fairfax – Fairfax, VA – Offers Booty Camp for women & Crossfit for kids
Crossfit DC – Washington, DC

There’s a reason so many celebrities and athletes are regulars in pilates reformer studios across the country. Who doesn’t want sculpted abs, lean muscles and have better posture? This workout uses an intimidating machine called the Reformer that has a moving carriage, springs that offer varying levels of resistance and straps for hands or feet (depending on the exercise). The benefits of this workout are limitless from full body toning, improved symmetry, improving the mind/body connection and developing better body awareness.
The Studio – Ashburn, VA
Potomac Pilates – Chevy Chase, MD
Sport & Health – Tysons Corner, VA

This is a hybrid workout that incorporates pilates, boxing and dance that is ideal for working your core.
Hulalafitness – For locations visit Hulalafitness.com
Mommy Bootcamp – Ashburn, VA

This is a combination workout that combines martial arts, yoga and meditation. A great workout if you are trying to increase your body awareness because the movements improve your agility, speed and power as well as balance.
Budokon DC – Washington, DC
Stroga – Washington, DC

This workout features ballet and dance moves designed to defy gravity and elongate muscles while targeting the hips, glutes, arms and abs.
Pure Barre Fairfax – Fairfax, VA
B Fit – Washington, DC
The Studio – Ashburn, VA
Lava Barre – Arlington, VA
Barre Code – Alexandria, VA

Looking for a fun, music-filled class that’s a full-body workout? Pound uses light weight drumsticks called Ripstix you pound during class for a full body cardio session that incorporates Pilates and isometric movements.
Crunch – Washington, DC | Chevy Chase, MD
One Life Fitness – Burke, VA
Vida Fitness – Washington, DC

This is interval strength training that uses a variety of equipment including TRX suspensions, rowing machines, and treadmills and incorporates weights.
Greenbriar Town Center – Chantilly, VA
Kentlands – Gaithersburg, MD


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  1. Check out this great article by my friend Megan Imbert. She was a client and is now is an instructor at The Studio! You can also follow her fitness journey on the Studio's blog on our website http://www.thestudiombs.com

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