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A round the world in 30 minutes? Killer desserts? Hold that hot air balloon!

As a child, if you liked Jules Verne novels, you would like eating at this restaurant. Tucked away in the back of Sunset Business Park, you can find a rich mixture of Thai-Southeast Asian, Indian, Latin American-Caribbean, Cajun and Mexican dishes in one place. The interior is tastefully decorated and the walls are adorned with cute ethnic artifacts that make the statement “I am Fusion.”

I took the family and my 13 year old niece to try out the restaurant. As an appetizer, we ordered Boolawnee which is a fried pastry, stuffed with potatoes and green onions, served with cilantro chutney. You get a serving of four half moon shaped pastries that are one of the best items that I tried from the menu. My wife tried the Lemon Grass Soup (Tom Yam), but she found it to be too sweet and lacking the fresh taste of lemon grass. For entrees, we ordered Indian Chicken Curry, Moroccan style Chicken and Couscous, Chicken Sate and Naan bread. Indian Chicken Curry has an overpowering curry taste and it is begging for vegetables for a variety of aromas and tastes. Moroccan style Chicken and Couscous is more favorable and it has vegetables that strike a better balance between traditionally dry couscous and the chicken morsels. My son liked the Chicken Sate and my 21 month-old daughter ate one of them down to the skewer.

And now the best part, desserts. We tried Chocolate Bread Pudding, Chocolate and Banana Empanadas, and Turon. OMG, is what we said. These were some of the best desserts we have tried in a long time. Chocolate Bread Pudding mixed traditional bread pudding with chocolate, raisins topped with raspberry sauce. Served hot, it is to die for. Chocolate and Banana Empanadas are bigger versions of the half moon shaped Boolawnees, except they are stuffed with chunks of

bananas, chocolate and toped with raspberry sauce with a dusting of cinnamon sugar. As you cut into them, chocolate flows out like molten hot lava and the blending of bananas and raspberry sauce forms a perfect combination. Last, but not least, the Turon. I have never heard of this classic Filipino dessert and I know I have been missing out a lot. These are Bananas wrapped in paper-thin pastry and fried to look like spring rolls. And as you guessed it, they are served with cinnamon and raspberry sauces on the side. If you like bananas and spring rolls you will like these as well.

Overall, this is a good restaurant offering the largest variety of food from different cuisines that I have seen in Fairfax. Combining exploration, adventure, and a thrilling menu from around the world, they deserve your business.

Alto Plaza is a three storied restaurant and lounge with an expensively decorated interior. Each floor of the restaurant offers a different taste, atmosphere and price range that goes up as you ascend to the top floor. For this review, I dropped by for a quick Sunday brunch on the bottom floor. I was greeted by a joyful bartender and handed a brunch menu that provided 4 different Mexican style Huevos in addition to traditional European breakfast items. If you are not familiar with Huevos, it is basically scrambled eggs mixed with various ingredients and served wrapped in soft tortillas. If you need more explanation, it is like McDonald’s McSkillet™ Burrito ($2.49). Out of the four, I selected Huevos con Chorizo which is scrambled eggs mixed with Mexican sausage, green peppers and onions. It is then wrapped in a flour tortilla, served with refried black beans and a fresh fruit cocktail. For the price of this meal which is $8.50, you cannot go to a better place to have brunch. Refried beans are tasty and perfectly accompany the slightly spicy Mexican sausage. The curiously tasty fruit cocktail with wedges of strawberry and peaches helps you clean your pallet for the next dish.

Using the elevator, I took a quick tour of the second and third floors. The top floor offers a fine dining menu from Pepper Crusted Tuna to Baked Lamb Chops. It is exquisitely decorated with a great patio offering beautiful sunsets. The middle floor is less formal, offering Peruvian style Ceviche as well as Marisco Enchiladas which are flour tortillas stuffed with shrimp, scallops and crab meat, topped with a house seafood sauce. I am definitely going back to sample more of these dishes and also to drink $2 draft Samuel Adams beers during happy hour. Alto Plaza is a good investment
for the Centreville neighborhood in Fairfax and deservies a visit.

283 Sunset Park Drive Herndon, Virginia
Phone: (703) 471-2017




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