About Posh Seven Magazine

Who We Are

POSH SEVEN Magazine is the region’s only lifestyle magazine designed exclusively for women who live in Loudoun County, Great Falls and Reston. Our success is driven by our unique approach to publishing: Our content is 100% reader generated, hyper local and continually relevant to our readership. POSH SEVEN Magazine is not only a magazine, but is tied inextricably to the communities that we cover. We pride ourselves in our link to the pulse of the suburbs and continually explore new and innovative ways to bring our message to our readers.

Company Roots

Hulya Aksu started I AM Modern Magazine in 2007, after moving to the DC suburbs from Atlanta. While searching for a new pediatrician, Hulya found that there was a discernible lack of dependable information concerning local businesses that offer services relevant to the lives of local moms. After some thought, Hulya decided to be that source of information in the area, and I AM Modern Magazine was born.

Keep It Local

POSH SEVEN Magazine is committed to being the voice for suburban women. POSH SEVEN Magazine is 100% reader generated. Our stories are our readers’ stories. Our content is hyper local and addresses subjects and themes that are uniquely relevant to our readership.

Fueled By Social Media

At POSH SEVEN Magazine, our finger is on the pulse of our communities. POSH SEVEN is fueled by social media. Whether the platform is Facebook or Twitter, you can rest assured that POSH SEVEN Magazine is present and leading the way.

Environmentally Sound

POSH SEVEN Magazine is committed to sustainable, responsible printing. We use soy-based inks and biodegradable paper.

Email: info [at] POSHSEVEN.com to advertise now.


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