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christine_molly1Broadminded, a show on Sirius/XM Radio, is hosted by real-life friends, Christine Eads and Molly Dedham who met in college, lived together in LA and even dated the same guy. The “Broads” discuss a wide range of topics from sex, men, entertainment, to life in general. The show debuted on XM Radio in October 2005 and is currently heard in the 8AM-10AM time slot.

How many Broads does it take to do a show?

Molly: Most of the time it’s the three of us–two hosts, Molly and Christine and Jen, our producer. Many people are involved in pitching guests, booking and handling talent. Having a strong producer makes all the difference in a show’s success. We have a great team, including interns.

How do your dates (and friends) feel about being discussed during a broadcast?
Molly: They don’t know. I change their names. (Although I’ve been caught a few times.)

Christine: All my friends and family love it, but I will admit my dad says he sometimes has to turn it off. He tells me, “There are just some things a daddy doesn’t want to know about his little girl.”

Is there anything that is off topic for the show?

Molly: I don’t like anything that’s too graphic or violent. Sometimes I talk in an accent or use Irish slang to minimize the cringe factor especially when it comes to sex. It’s embarrassing.

Christine: It kills me when we do stories where children or animals are getting hurt. Sometimes I am given a hard time about being a Sunday school teacher because of the way I behave on the show. But I believe you can do and be both. My beliefs are private and I like it that way.
Have you ever been distracted by a guest?

Molly: Once we interviewed Duncan Jones, David Bowie’s son. He’s a very talented film director. He was so charming and smart. I got lost in his eyes while interviewing him. It happens.

Christine: We had a horrible interview with Sandra Bernhard. She was such a bitch and couldn’t be bothered to do the interview.

What is next for the broads?

Christine: I just hope we continue to grow as a show and that more listeners are entertained by us. We have been doing CNN lately, which is so fun. I love Kyra Phillips, so hopefully that will continue as well.

Would you want to be known as the women’s version of Howard Stern?

Molly: It’s because of Howard Stern we have jobs in talk radio. He paved the way for all of us. I don’t think we are like Howard Stern. He’s an original. Our content is very different. But all of us can be naughty—it’s human nature.

Christine: I think when we are compared to him, that it is a huge compliment. I am a huge Howard fan. Whether you like him personally or not, he is truly talented and has changed the face of radio. He does his homework and gets his guests to feel comfortable and tell their life stories. I can only hope to be that good someday.

How much of who you are on the show is who you really are?

Christine: A lot. When we first got the show I remember saying to myself it can be made up, nobody will know. I forget all the time that we have listeners, I am just telling Molly stories like it’s just the two of us having coffee and before I realize it, everything is out there. Too late to turn back now!!

When not on the radio what do you do?

Molly: We have our own lives outside the show. Working with friends takes up a lot of your time. When we travel for work we take advantage of the benefits that come with it. We go to the hotel bar immediately and get into trouble.

Christine: A couple of years ago I started a non-profit called The Duffy House,, to raise awareness and money for women and children who have survived domestic abuse and sexual violence.


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  1. What is the station number and is the show on 5days or 7 a week? Tell me a little about Jen. Is she young and what does she look like?

  2. I [i]love, love, love[i] these Broads. Real and raw, they can make a crazy 45 year old stay-at-home mom feel not so off her gourd. I hope one day I run into them at the hotel bar. I’ll by the Jager’s. Love your talent ladies![/i][/i]

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