Fall’13 Home Edition

Fall’13 Home Edition


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hulyaaDear Readers,

Happy Birthday, October issue! As some of you may remember, we launched I AM Modern exactly seven years ago. Now, as we gallop into our eighth year providing women with content, inspiration and new connections, I can’t help but get emotional and tell you the pages of I AM Modern have been a home to me and my team. We have become a family with our readers, our advertisers and our contributors.

My extended family means the world to me, and I feel at home anytime I’m traveling on or around Route 7, where our magazine has been a solid presence for nearly a decade. We succeeded in publishing when others abandoned the market and closed shop. We have been growing in steadfast speed. Why? We owe it all to you. So I celebrate our home, your home and the embrace we have felt since we moved into this market, and I am forever filled with love and gratitude to each and every one of you.

Welcome home.

Hulya Aksu, Founding Publisher
Modern Mom Media


catharinedFrom the Editor:

The great 60s songwriting team of Burt Bacharach and Hal David wrote these lyrics for a film called A House is Not a Home. The words are timeless, and I often find myself humming the song when I’m leafing through travel magazines or gazing at Far Away Places (ironically, the name of another famous song) on the Internet. I envision living on that beautiful moor in Scotland, or maybe on that ranch with the beautiful wide-open skies out in Montana. Then I sigh and think “so many places, so little time.”

But no matter where you live, a house really is just a house – a brick and mortar structure into which we add bits of our own identity, enjoy creature comforts and safely dwell. It’s not until we fill it with families, friends, pets, memories and, yes, even things, that it truly becomes a home.

Our home issue includes some of the processes we implement in order to domesticate our environment. Our contributors have come through again with a variety of creative ideas: decorating suggestions to satisfy our aesthetic side; budget tips for our frugal side; legalities and contract negotiations for our practical side; and entertainment ideas for our recreational side.

And, as always, this issue includes some great lifestyle articles and some fabulous, featured women.

Live well,
Catherine DeCenzo



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