GIFT IDEAS: Girls Building Kits

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Q: I’m looking for gifts for girls that encourage them in the science and math fields, but I’m looking for something that is fun as well!

A: Well, funny you should mention that. I’m just a tab bit jealous to this day that my dad taught my brother to fly an airplane and not me. Well, move over Barbie dolls, because there are some new toys in town – for girls that is. Two Stanford engineer graduate students who wished they saw more women in their upper level math and science classes have designed projects on their site at  to develop young girls’ confidence and enthusiasm for math and science. Crafted for girls aged 6-10, there are numerous kits they can build which incorporate technical subjects into the well-established and accepted girl patterns of play: storytelling, creativity and decoration.

Roominate is a kit of building pieces and circuit components with which a child can use her creativity to design, build, wire and decorate her own unique interactive room. The rooms are even attachable and stackable, enabling girls to build and design expandable structures. The pieces are made to be simple and intuitive so as to allow a girl to explore and discover on her own.

The bad news? These kits are tremendously popular, and the company is presently unable to deliver by Christmas, but these are year-round gifts that will have your snowbound girls building dollhouses with working circuits. The projects are only as limited as their imaginations, and starting in January, you can have a different kit sent every month if you sign up at

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Catherine DeCenzo

Catherine DeCenzo

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