Glow Studios in Ashburn

When Kristen Shehadi and Liz Kurila first decided to open a salon, they knew they wanted it to be more than a place where you got your hair done – they wanted to create a lifestyle brand. Their approach at Glow Studios is a well-rounded, comprehensive look at beauty – understanding that your mindset, fitness and nutrition are all connected to feeling and looking your best, and that it’s all about living a balanced life.

Another important component to Glow is community, both between employees and staff as well as their clients. “It’s really important that we create a culture where everybody empowers one another and supports each other,” said Shehadi, “and then we do the same thing for the people who walk through our door, so that we leave them always better than when they came in.”

One way Glow Studios encourages community is through Sensory Sundays, which occurs the first Sunday of every month. Shehadi, whose son is autistic, designed these days to help parents work through what can be a frightening experience for kids with autism. “We try to create an experience … where it’s not such a scary place,” explained Shehadi. “It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done with my career, being able to give back to families that I relate to on a personal level.”

Whether you’re looking for a new hairstyle or a massage, Glow Studios provides a comfortable atmosphere where they strive to connect with their guests. Their positive environment allows clients can get to know the person they’re seeing, so the client feels a personal connection where the client feels valued and safe. “We wanted to create a space that felt good,” said Shehadi. “It’s not just a place where you go get your hair done… it feeds your soul.”

44025 Pipeline Plaza #115 Ashburn, VA 20147
(703) 723-0900