Host a Spook-tacular Kid’s Party

This year, host a kid’s Boo Bash that’s spook-tacular! Add New Orleans jazz music, plus colorful beads and feathered masks, and ‘let the ghoul times roll!’

Invite little ghouls, I mean guests, about two to three weeks before the party. Is costume optional? Will the party be outdoors? Include these details on the invitation so guests are prepared for maximum fun!

Browse your home for Halloween decorations. Supplement with black, orange and white bowls, buckets and baskets to hold inexpensive, colorful bead necklaces! In a pinch, use fabric remnants in traditional Halloween colors to dress up tables and white fabric (over a balloon) to make friendly ghosts.

Offer kid-friendly donut holes in lieu of New Orleans-famous beignets. Round out refreshments with easy-to-eat cheddar popcorn, red delicious apples and a few bowls of Halloween candy.

Serve apple cider and water in boo cups – white paper cups with stick-on googly eyes. Keep little ghouls busy with fun activities like decorating masks (with feathers, glitter and stick-on gems) and stringing candy necklaces. Bonus! These items become fantastic souvenirs of a spook-tacular party!

Who you gonna call?! Last but not least, play upbeat jazz music. If budget permits, hire a jazz trio to perform classic Halloween songs like “Monster Mash”, “The Purple People Eater”, “Thriller” and of course, “Ghostbusters.” Kids will naturally sing and dance, but also encourage them to interact with the musicians and explore their instruments. To wrap up the party, finish with a costume parade out the front door and down the driveway!

Hosting a kid’s party can be daunting but with this party plan as your guide, your Halloween celebration is sure to be spook-tacular!


Ashleigh Dorfman is a certified special events professional and owner of posh productions, LLC, an event management, marketing and consulting firm specializing in corporate, not-for-profit and personal celebrations. She lives in Reston, VA with her husband and three children.

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