Innovative and Insane Remodeling Ideas and Trends

With cooler weather, our thoughts wander to plans for Halloween parties, wine around fire pits…holiday festivities. And when we entertain, we like to have our homes in order, our clutter hidden and our guests sufficiently wowed. The approach of autumn warrants organizing, innovating, and, perhaps, remodeling. Coco Chanel said “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Likewise, when a woman reimagines and redesigns her home, she changes her world.

Low Cost and “DIY” Appropriate:
The most subtle organizational makeovers can have the greatest impact on the form and function of your kitchen. Pull-out and pull-up base and wall cabinet organizers come in various sizes and fit within your existing cabinets or even behind your cabinet spacers. Utensils, foil and plastic wrap, cookbooks, small appliances, tea and coffee now have their places. Those herbs that roll around on your lazy Susan or are lost in the back of a cabinet are now easily categorized and contained. Your guests, seeing gleaming granite rather than countertop clutter, will believe your kitchen looks larger and cleaner than they remember.

Another clever and fairly simple update trending is the “barn door.” Whether you choose a rustic barn-style door, a 15 lite panel, an antique or decorative door or two smaller doors, you can have sliding function and attractive hardware in nearly any doorway. Think pocket door convenience mixed with artistic detail and charm. The barn door effect conceals entrances you don’t necessarily want on display without leaving your guests looking at sterile white doors. Barn door hardware can be purchased online or at your local hardware store, and can be simple or artistically detailed. (If you are not particularly handy, you may want to consult a contractor to guarantee sturdy and level installation.)

Larger Projects and Organizational Gurus:

If you’ve ever imagined that a craft room, office or library would be a great addition to your home, but then sighed, realizing that you can’t sacrifice your guest room… a Murphy Bed may be your solution. Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage of Northern Virginia’s designers can help you determine the best location and design for your Murphy Bed. Tucked away inside high-quality custom cabinets, a closed Murphy bed is only about 16” deep. Hidden when not in use, but comfortable and welcoming when opened for guests, these beds balance the need for guest quarters and practical space usage.

“Adding custom wall beds is like adding a room, but at a fraction of the cost.” – Juliana Carter Some may call it the “Man Cave,” but any smart woman knows that an organized garage limits the tools, toys and clutter that can filter into the house and wind up piled on the kitchen counters. This is another arena in which Tailored Living and its custom organizational solutions can transform chaos into functional living space. Custom cabinets and storage solutions are selected to fit your family’s lifestyle and budget. Whether it be a work bench with tool space, media center with television and snack bar, game space with pool table, sports center with home gym…or even extra storage for off-season shoes—if you can imagine it, they can design it.

Full-scale Remodels:
One of the biggest holiday entertaining nuisances can be finding space to cram your guests’ platters and plates into your average-sized refrigerator. But that can be a far off memory with the addition of a full-sized refrigerator/freezer combo. Although technically two separate units, you can purchase a trim kit that joins the two and creates a polished and professional look. And at 66 inches wide, you suddenly have tons of space and your guests will be impressed. The only downfall: you may have to give up a couple of cabinets to make room in your kitchen. But with the plethora of cabinet organizers you’ll be installing, you won’t really miss them.

Finally, when we kick off our stilettos and wander into the master bath after successfully playing happy hostess, wouldn’t it be so much nicer to reflect on the evening’s events in a luxurious and inviting space? If you’ve grown tired of your well-designed but somewhat builder-grade or boring master bath, perhaps a refresh is in order. Without changing the layout or altering any existing plumbing or electric (which could become quite costly), you can make your master bath a place you’ll like to linger. That soaking tub may actually become a place of respite once again. Regardless of the tile you choose or the degree of decoration, glass may actually be the single most important element in pulling it all together. If glass block walls come to mind, perish the thought. Shower glass can be sleek and refined, allowing spaces to merge across boundaries and rooms to look larger and light-filled.

So many ideas and clever innovations—so little time! And we’ve only scratched the surface. Whether you’re excited to take up power tools and get to work or more comfortable paying a pro, let your creativity and talent guide you. Forget “spring cleaning” and enjoy a fall refresh. Personalizing and updating your favorite spaces can be invigorating. So choose your project, reimagine your space…and change your world.


Photos courtesy of Tailored Living