At KidzArt, student energies are channeled into brainstorming, creative problem solving and practical application. They use high quality art materials – just like the professionals. KidzArt classes experiment with a variety of mediums from artist-quality markers and pastels to clay and watercolors. KidzArt programs are offered throughout Loudoun and Northern Prince William Counties. Give them a call to find the location closest to you.
703-669-3772 or email

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  1. Kidzart in northern Virginia
    Kidzart is a wonderful way to encourage each child to have belief in themselves that they can do it. Kidzart mainly focuses on drawing skills, but offers a variety of artistic crafts during their summer camps in July.
    Also, I have nothing but positive things to say about the teachers! Kidzart is by far the best extra curricular art program out there.

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