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The first time I visited Le Pain Quotidien was 4-5 years ago in New York City. I was in the city and I went to the Met with my childhood girlfriend. When we came out in the afternoon, she said “I am going to take you to this Belgian bakery where we can have cappuccinos in giant sauce cups and delicious apricot tarts.” I think it was somewhere in the Upper East Side. I have been hooked ever since.

Here in the Metro D.C., we are lucky to have two locations of Le Pain Quotidien, one in Alexandria and another one in Georgetown. This global chain has the same familiar look and feel in every location with rustic wooden decor that includes one large communal table. We went to the Alexandria location and tried the food for you with pleasure.

To start with, we ordered Iced Green Tea with Ginger and Hummus, Babaganoush & Taboule Platter served with assorted organic breads. The sourdough rustic bread with a thick crunchy crust is perfect to dip in your hummus. It is organic, simple and good for you. We then each ordered Tartines (open faced sandwiches). I had Prosciutto with Mozzarella, sun-dried tomato and pesto sauce. My son shared with my daughter an Atlantic Smoked Salmon with dill and scallions, and my wife had the Ricotta Tartine with mission figs, black pepper and honey. Tartines are served over a thin slice of freshly baked bread and they are as good as they sound. It is amazing what you get when you combine organic and fresh ingredients with healthy bread.
For dessert we ordered Apple Pear Turnover, Apricot Crumble and Mixed Berry Tart with large size cappuccinos. Their coffee is strong enough to wake up a hibernating bear in winter and their desserts are fresh, light and delicious. What can I tell you? Skip breakfast at home and head on down to one of the locations in and around NoVA.

701 King Street
Alexandria, Virginia
Phone 703.683.2273



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  1. yummy
    I go to the one in NY too. And I love this place. The service though, always sucks!

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