Magnolia’s Natural Nail Care Clinic in Sterling

If you’re searching for ten beautiful toenails and ten beautiful fingers in the most natural way possible, look no further than Magnolia’s. “I never thought at the age of 40 I’d be starting a nail salon,” owner Carter Dubois laughed, “I just embrace the ride and enjoy every minute of it.”

While opening a nail salon had never been on his radar, Dubois realized a salon focusing on health and well-being was a great fit for him, coming from a background in the pharmaceutical industry.

“This is a lot of fun because every single day we have new clients come in, and every single day those clients are not only amazed with the concept behind it but are excited about the fact they have this healthy alternative now,” said Dubois. “We’re always walking away with messages and reviews that make you feel you’ve helped someone achieve a healthier lifestyle.”

Since opening their doors in January, they have served over 600 new clients, providing services that are an alternate to the traditional nail salon. They aren’t afraid to be choosy about their services – Magnolia’s only offers manicures and pedicures and doesn’t offer acrylic or artificial nails.

Many clients choose the Moisture Maintenance manicure or pedicure, which includes a hand or foot massage, and utilizes a color product that works naturally with your nail plate. While not a traditional nail polish, it still gives a slight tint that gives your nails a finished look in a healthy manner. The service also includes a paraffin wax treatment, which is high in essential oils and is hydrating and moisturizing for your skin, especially for those coming off acrylic nails.

Not only does Magnolia’s choose their products carefully to provide only the healthiest and most natural products, they keep an environment that is sterile and held to the highest standard. Cleanliness is paramount to Magnolia’s – by using hospital grade cleaners and autoclaves to clean tools, cross-contamination is never a concern for their clients.

For any new clients, Magnolia’s offers a complimentary manicure for their first visit, so clients can experience in person what Magnolia’s has to offer.

21305 Windmill Parc Drive, Suite 125 Sterling, VA 2016
(703) 430-7000