Noodle Doodle, LLC – Ashburn, VA

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A popular studio according to several mod moms in Loudoun County is Noodle Doodle. Why art for the kids? Exposure to visual art is an essential part of a child’s mental and social development. Through art, children learn to express themselves and to develop their own sense of style. Participation in the arts encourages creative thinking, language fluency, originality, and elaboration. Owner Angie Wong said, “Our mission is to provide educational perspectives through art. Students learn about topics before they create. For example, we will learn about a ladybug before the students do the art.” From this foundation, art is used to help with other subjects. They also started art contests. The pieces are judged anonymously, and winners are posted online.
44025 Pipeline Plaza, Suite 100, Ashburn, VA 20147

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