Parenting Tips for Back to School

A new school year equals a fresh start. Here are five ways to start the school year off right and make the transition from vacation back to the classroom a smooth one.

Establish a consistent homework routine right from the start. 

Having a designated “homework time” for each day sets clear expectations for when your child needs to do his or her work. This not only establishes a homework habit, but helps them understand that homework is a priority in your home. Having a structure in place promotes disciplined study habits, consistent study, and time management skills.

Create a distraction-free study area.

To facilitate getting started quickly and maintaining concentration, have your child study in an area removed from distractions. All devices such as TV and portable technology should be put away or turned off. Supplies such as pencils and erasers should be within arm’s reach.

Connect with your child’s teachers. 

Try to meet with the teacher for a few minutes as soon as the school year begins. It’s good to build rapport and know the new expectations. Building a relationship with your child’s teacher can help you understand how your child is doing and how you can help your child best at home.

Limit screen time. 

Over the summer break, children usually have more free time and that could mean more time watching TV, playing video games, and using the computer. The new school year offers an opportunity to initiate different habits such as limiting screen time to a certain amount of hours a day or week.

Be enthusiastic and praise effort. 

Enthusiasm is contagious!  If you’re excited, your child will be more excited. When you praise and are excited about your child’s day-to-day effort, he or she will be motivated and feel proud.  When your child does their homework without a reminder that is good opportunity to praise their study habits and independence. Attitudes are infectious and an integral component to success.

-Kumon Math and Reading Learning Centers

Tom Davis is the owner and Instructor of the newly opened Kumon Learning Center in Leesburg (  Kumon is the largest educational enrichment program in the world with over 26,000 centers serving over 6 million children.  You can reach Tom calling him at 571-577-8077, or emailing him at