Planning a Wedding?

From finding inspiration to tracking results, you can thank your lucky stars that there’s a web site, online service or app out there that will make make planning your next event a breeze.

altPINTEREST (; iPhone/ iPad and Android apps) – If you clip magazine articles for inspiration, then you’re going to love Pinterest. It’s a treasure trove of fabulous ideas, and offers the ability to “pin” photos from other web sites (such as online magazines) to create your custom inspiration board.

PAPERLESS POST (; iPhone/iPad app) – If you like the convenience of electronic invitations but desire sophisticated designs (without cheezy ads), then check out Paperless Post. This easy-to-use application offers fantastic designs for a wide variety of events, guest management features (collect RSVPs, email reminders) and recipients will enjoy the experience of “opening” the digital invitation.

EVERNOTE (; iPhone/iPad and Android apps) – If you love making lists, then you’ll enjoy staying organized with Evernote! You can develop a to-do list, or grocery shopping list, view it anywhere you go and feel productive as you check off items (or is that just me?).


GOOGLE DRIVE (; Android and iPhone/iPad apps) – If you need to collaborate with others to develop guest lists, share contracts and track expenses, then Google Drive is a great solution. You can edit and create documents and spreadsheets, as well as store them in the cloud which makes the most recent version accessible to the team.

DROPBOX (; iPhone/iPad and Android apps) – Have you ever tried emailing a PDF only to have it returned as undeliverable due to file size? You need Dropbox. It’s great for sharing large files like invitations from the graphic designer, especially if there are multiple rounds of edits.


DRINKSPIRATIONS BY ABSOLUT (; iPhone/iPad and Android apps) – If you need cocktail inspiration, then Your Taurus Sun is as different from your gemini horoscope Ascendant as the oak is different from the reed! Actually, you seem to be amazingly flexible for a Taurus. click to this site/app. Select recipes by flavor, spirit or occasion and filter by taste and skill level. It’s like having a bartender without hiring one.

PANDORA (; many mobile apps) – Enhance your event experience with streaming music. Need 80’s music? Get Pandora. Want to stream Top 40 dance hits in your living room via your TV or home theatre equipment? Get Pandora. 1M songs, playlist recommendations, free; if you don’t like the ads, upgrade.

WEATHER CHANNEL (; iPhone/iPad and Android apps) – Has your event ever been threatened by Mother Nature? Now you can track the weather from ten days out to ten minutes before, which is extremely helpful if you are determined that the show must go on.

FLASHLIGHT (various apps) – Don’t be caught in the dark! If you’re planning on hosting an outdoor evening event, get a flashlight app. There are so many of them available and trust me, at some point you’re going to need one.

Saying I do? There’s an app for that, too. While I’m not a wedding planner, the common thread between weddings and other events is the desire to produce them better, faster and cheaper. Below are four apps to consider as you plan your wedding:

APPY COUPLE (, iPhone/ iPad and Android apps) – Keep your guests informed about your wedding details via custom web site & mobile app. The features are practical and fun, the design options are sophisticated, and the price is affordable.

MARRILY (; iPhone/iPad) “Marrily” means to marry happily. And why not? Happy endings begin with happy planning. There are many online wedding planning tools, but I prefer Marrily’s design, functionality and low price.

KAPTUR (; iPhone/iPad) Organize your guests’ Facebook photos in one album. One word – genius!

UNITED WITH LOVE ( I would be remiss to not include the one web site I read to keep my finger on the pulse of DC weddings. Lots of eye candy to inspire your special day.


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