A Posh Romance With MK Meredith

A Posh Romance With MK Meredith

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Valentine’s Day is approaching, and I feel like I want to recognize my girlfriends as well as my husband. Is that weird?”

Dear Posh Valentine,

Caring for your tribe is anything but weird! Your husband and family are your world, which is a beautiful and incredible thing, but the relationships with the women in your life who support, cherish and love you deserve TLC as well! Cultivating and nurturing these relationships strengthens the foundation of your support group and ensures you the love you may need down the road, as well as deepens the love you have to give!

If you never feed the love, it may wither and weaken, leaving you alone when you most need it.

And sometimes, it is your best girlfriends who understand what will save you in times of sickness or how to offer relief in times of chaos. Take Valentine’s Day, for example. It’s often our fellow women-in-Valentine-chocolates-pursuit who really appreciate the decadence of a box of bonbons, the bubbly luxury found in a glass of champagne or the tactile treasure in a cashmere scarf. All great gifts and great ways to celebrate how important this sisterhood is to you and your family.

And this does not just exclusively apply to girlfriends. Any group of friends—the people who really stand out as enhancing your life, making you feel stronger, better, smarter, sexier, funnier—those are friends worth splurging on!

I want to plan an unusual and sexy Valentine’s Day celebration for my hubby, but I am not very creative. After three kids, I would really like to show him how important he is to me, even though I don’t always show it.

Dear Posh Be My Valentine,

First, I love the words unusual and sexy! LOL! How fun that you want to do something special for your husband! He must be a Rockstar, and we love hearing that! I want to assure you…”unusual and sexy” does not have to be quite as scary as you first might think. If you have children or simply a crazy schedule, something that is easy to prepare and set up would be great. But easy by no means is simple! Light a few candles; find your favorite toons-for-two and go for a little sweet and savory fondue! Hot alfredo sauce with ravioli, chicken, and veggie options is sure to satisfy a savory palette, then top it off with melted chocolate to dip your strawberries, cherries, pretzels, and marshmallows. Yum!

Oh! Don’t forget, feeding each other tips the scales on the sexy factor!

Not sure what to wear? A pair of fishnet stockings takes an everyday outfit and transforms it into an all-night sexy battle cry. Added plus…fishnet stockings camouflage those little things that we notice, but I promise your husband doesn’t even think about twice. Besides, he’s going to be thrilled to have some focused time with his lady love.

Want to add a little spice? Pick your favorite romance novel and read a steamy scene or two out loud…push it to the next level and act it out for yourselves! Not into romance novels? (That was hard to write. LOL!) No worries! Read a sexy poem, or better yet, customize to his passion. Work those fishnet stockings like you were born in them while reading him his favorite sports scores or business section! One last thing…a simple conversation can sometimes be the most amazing aphrodisiac.

Either way…go celebrate your love!

I am single and tired of hating Valentine’s Day. Any suggestions on how to make Valentine’s Day feel sexy and fun for a single?

Dear Posh Sexy Single,

Hellz yeah! Celebrate how awesome you are! How amazing you are! How damn special YOU are! You can easily do a search for events going on in your local area…from Valentine single cruises, to dance parties or you can take the day into your own hands! What is it that YOU want? That is the key here. Celebrate YOU and all the things YOU love! If a cruise or dance party doesn’t fit in your realm of possibilities at this time, then make a list of your favorite things and DO them! Have a dinner party with your favorite friends, or make it a Valentine’s brunch with mimosas! Order breakfast in bed (you will have to answer your door for your food. LOL!), run a luxurious bubble bath to soak in while drinking your favorite bubbly, go to a cool restaurant (there is one that specializes in chocolate in DC) and order something you’ve never had before. Want to feel a little adventurous and sexy? Don’t wear panties. I dare you! LOL! That is also a key to feeling sexy. Prepare a little. Shave and lotion and spritz on your favorite perfume. You’re worth it. Wear that sexy bra and panty set you’ve been saving for a special occasion. This is it! No one says your evening can’t end in a “happy ever after” just because you might be going home alone. You know what you like better than anyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


MK MEREDITH is a bestselling romance author and two-time breast cancer survivor who fiercely believes in happy endings. Visit her at MKMeredith.com