Smile Wonders

Dr. Rishita Jaju of Smile Wonders

Dr. Rishita Jaju of Smile Wonders – annually opens the doors of her Reston-area pediatric dental practice every February to host Give Kids a Smile® Day and to provide free dental care to those in need.

This is one of the ways Smile Wonders provides community service and participates in Dental Awareness Month campaign held by the American Dental Association.

Some parents don’t even realize that dental pain is at the root of their child’s behavior of being a ‘picky eater’ or a ‘slow and messy eater’. Once parents are informed that a dental issue was contributing to their child’s behavior, they are eager to get helpbut often run into financial constraints. “It is for those children and families that we host our event,” said Dr. Jaju.

Smile WondersThe kids who come to this yearly event are there because they are in need of support. Some children have parents who cannot afford to pay for dental treatment for one reason or another. While others are coming from the homeless shelter and are in need of dental care.

On the day of the Give Kids a Smile event, Dr. Jaju is accompanied by her team and other volunteers referred from the Virginia Dental Association.

Local and dental vendors also get in on the act, with items like coloring and activity books, and translated Spanish and English home care instructional materials. The event takes on a partylike atmosphere, with games, music, balloons, bubbles and toys.

Throughout the day, the professionals provide oral health screenings, education, cleanings, fluoride treatments, digital x-rays fillings, crowns and extractions as needed.

Those interested in participating in the Give Kids a Smile event or receiving services for their children should contact Smile Wonders in Reston, VA. The event will be held on February 24th, 2018 from 9AM-1PM.