The Pink Diamond Party

pink partyMy close friend Cheri has a gorgeous silk shawl that I absolutely adore. My sister, Misty, has a delicious Louis Vuitton bag and my good friend, Torrie, has the most fabulous shoes. And, now, so do I. For years, we have been participating in annual “Pink Diamond Parties (PDP)” where we swap our “something olds” for a little “something new” from our friends.

Although this is not a new concept, it’s been revitalized and updated and is a growing trend. Women all over the country are getting together to chat, sip a few cocktails, nibble, and wouldn’t you know it…SWAP. Yesterday’s yard sales have been upgraded. Clothing swap parties have become a fabulous way for girlfriends to get together and trade some of their tired, yet posh and chic treasures. “Tired?” you ask. By no means are we talking about style. It’s a time to put down that 3-year young Chanel bag and replace it with those sizzling hot Dior shoes. Do you have a bunch of fashionista friends? Plan your own PDP with just these few simple steps.

pink partyStep 1–When? Now is the perfect time. You’ve got the holiday blues and it is cold out there. Santa was kind and you’ve acquired new “gems” in your wardrobe that you need to make room for in your closet. What better way than to share with friends?

Step 2–Invite your stylish girlfriends: If you’ve been admiring that dress for years, add her to the list and pray that she brings it. As much as I love paper invitations, the goal of this party is to keep it simple and dress it up, so options like the “Paperless Post” and “Evite” offer great alternatives and is yet another way to GO GREEN!

Step 3–Set the Stage: PDPs are ideal for hosting at home. Clear out furniture in the common area and strategically place a few clothing racks. Create your own little at home dress boutique. As you are sorting, imagine the look and feel of your favorite boutique and replicate that. Organization is key…by item, style, size, and/or color. Another sassy idea is to setup a “Jewelry Bar.” Place a few handheld mirrors on the table and you’ve got an instant jewelry store. Don’t forget the dressing room and block off an area for the ladies to “rock” the runway!

Step 4–Fabulous Fare: Keep it simple! Stay away from saucy dishes that may ruin the clothes and think bite size. Dress up quick cuisine from your favorite restaurant chain such as Cheesecake Factory or Pei Wei by displaying it on platters from your local Home Goods or T.J. Maxx. Wine and cheese are fantastic choices for this party. Visit your local Wegman’s wine sommelier to get assistance with wine and cheese pairing.

Step 5–Extend the swap beyond your circle: Charities such as Dress for Success, Women’s shelters, and the Goodwill are an ideal choice for your unclaimed pieces. As families attempt to recover from the recession, women are increasingly shopping at consignments shops to find quality pieces at an affordable price.


  1. What a wonderful idea! Love the tips.

  2. What about us guys? I like the idea!

  3. This is such a CUTE idea. I am going to have to get something like this together for my friends 🙂

  4. Ebony is one of the most creative women i’ve ever met in my life! Her stylish ideas are simply one of a kind! Why didn’t i think of this? This is such a FANTASTIC idea!

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