Beauty Buzz

Beauty trends continue to change and 2020 continues with many of the trends we saw last year. Cruelty-free and natural ingredients are becoming more and more commonplace and expected in skin and hair care. The global footprint in beauty continues to grow with products that address and respect the beauty rituals of women all around the world.

Here are a few of my favorites…

$12.49 (24 ct)
The makers of Handzies realize you can’t always find a sink when you need one, which is why they believe they have created the next best thing! Handzies will get you a “soap and water” approach to cleaning while you’re on the go. Handzies are individually wrapped and easy for adults and children alike to use and can be easily purchased on Amazon. Handzies wipes are pre-saturated with purified water and soap, free of alcohol and harsh chemicals. The towelettes are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested and won’t dry out your skin. All you need to do is simply open the package and remove the moist wipe, unfolding to its maximum size for the best results. Handzies wipes are thicker than most and can support good scrubbing. Once you’re done, enjoy your clean skin invigorated with a fresh tangerine scent.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller
$38.00 (CAD)
This Canadian based beauty company ensures its products are as natural as possible, using pure essential oils, minerals, and plant-based ingredients. One of their most popular items is the Rose Quartz Facial Roller. This essential beauty tool can help minimize the appearance of wrinkles, decrease puffiness around eyes and support lymphatic drainage. You gently roll across your face, beginning inward at the nose and working downward toward the chin. The roller can be used alone or with your favorite moisturizer or serum for deeper penetration. To maximize the benefits, store in your refrigerator for a cool way to ease puffiness and stimulate collagen production!

Nuria Defend Skin Shielding Essence
The skincare company Nuria, meaning brightness and light, wants to do everything they can to help women around the world look, feel and be bright. Their vision is one where every woman has a chance to flourish and a portion of all of their sales goes toward girls’ education. They have a full line of serums, toners and facial products. I love the Defend Skin Shielding Essence. This amazing lightweight moisturizer uses ginger and carob found in Asia to create a potent formula that helps reduce damage to your skin caused by internal and external stressors. Free of sulfates and parabens, this silky formula works to correct skin damage. It’s powerful ingredients reduce redness, calm troubled skin and restores your skin’s suppleness and antioxidant capacity.

SAI Skin Care
CEO Bina Patel uses ancient Ayurvedic practices to create the most natural beauty products. The SAI Skin Care line, which is based in Northern Virginia uses herbal products that are garden grown to create this luxury brand of soaps, moisturizers, face washes, acne care, hair oil and other beauty care products. An experienced esthetician of twenty-five years, Ms. Patel creates each of her products in small batches and ensures every one of them passes inspection before they can be packaged. The products have natural, earthy and exotic scents and the handmade soaps and scrubs are colorful and fragrant. One of my favorites is the Vegan Gold Line, which uses actually gold flecks. The gel, cream, and serum are used in combination mornings and evenings to give your skin a healthy, vibrant glow. Check out their website for information on all SAI Skin Care products and prices!

SkinSuit Duo
Skin Authority $69.00
The goal of the California based Skin Authority is to enhance and protect your skin from environmental damage. It also works with medical professionals to design skincare programs for some of the top wellness destinations. This exclusive, limited boxed set includes SkinSuit Face and SkinSuit Lip to protect you night and day against broad-spectrum UV, blue light, infrared, activity induced heat and pollution in one step. SkinSuit coated mineral actives reduce the visible signs of aging faster than common moisturizers and standard sunscreens. This inclusive sheer protection embraces all skin tones and types and boosts the effectiveness of moisturizers and sunscreens. All SkinSuit™ products are free of parabens, dyes, added fragrances, and animal cruelty. SkinSuit Face has a sheer, weightless and dry finish texture with a natural tint that restores the complexion, texture and tone of your skin.SkinSuit LIP provides hydrating protection that promotes plump and smooth lips while offering protection from heat and pollution.

Milbon is the number one professional hair-care company in Japan and its success is rapidly growing around the world. The company has partnered with salons and stylists for over 50 years to create an amazing line that addresses multiple facets of hair care treatments and solutions. Milbon understands that everyone’s hair is unique with different needs. It uses state-of-the-art technology and scientific research to create formulas for all hair types. The collections run from Moisture and Repair, Volume and the Scalp Collection. I choose the Moisture Collection at Flow Beauty Bar in Ashburn to address my dry, damaged hair. The treatment took only minutes but the results were incredible. My hair was silky and shiny with a smooth texture that lasted for weeks! Check out the website for the full line of products.