Beauty in A Box

We are all searching for the fountain of youth. False eyelashes, microbladed brows, plumped lips – every day, new
treatments are popping up in the beauty industry. At the heart of it all is youthful skin –wrinkle-free, hydrated, dewy, beautiful skin. We all want it. So when I heard the coveted “Game of Thrones” facial seen on Entertainment Tonight is now offered locally, I was all about it. I mean, who doesn’t want to literally be turned to stone for a hot second and arise from the hardening effect with transformed skin?

Meet Allison Cremona, the owner/operator of Gidget’s Beauty Box. A straight forward, take me as I am, thriving small business owner that really likes to dig to the heart of skin issues. “You have to challenge the skin to instigate change,” she says, and after one treatment, I left with skin that felt better than ever – and planning how I can sneak money from the grocery budget to fund my next enzyme peel.

In one short visit, not only did I relax, but I felt like I learned about life. At one point, Allison said she equated the table you lie on for treatments to a psychologist’s office, where things just start coming out when women are at ease. “You wouldn’t believe some of the things I hear,” she said. Perhaps this is because she is so easy to talk to. Having lived all over the country, Cremona had many stories about life – tales of love lost, being a bride-to-be, blending families, and reinventing herself as an esthetician later in life. One thing is for sure, though it may have been a bumpy road to get here, she has found her calling.

Who is Gidget? Ahhhh. Who is Gidget? She’s a complicated 13-year-old girl now. Gidget is the nickname I gave to my daughter Ava. It started when we were living in Southern California, and we’d be on the playground and I’d yell, “Ava” and five other little girls would turn around. I needed to weed out my Ava from all the other Avas. She’s a stand-alone kid. And the best thing I’ve ever heard her say is, “Momma, I’m so proud of you.”

What made you open your shop? I feel like my story is similar to a lot of women’s. I had been a stay-at-home mom for ten years and my 15-year marriage was ending. I really had no idea what I was going to do. I was terrified, totally scared. So I did what any suburban housewife would do…go on Pinterest and read every single motivational quote out there. But you can only cry in your pumpkin spice latte for so long. I knew my past career as a scenic carpenter wasn’t going to work for me and my family, so I made the decision to go back to school to become an esthetician. It really has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Opening Gidget’s Beauty Box was just a natural progression for me. When I sat down and made a list of all the things I wanted in my “new” life, I just knew working for someone else wasn’t going to get me there. I just closed my eyes and took a leap. I think I woke up every morning for the first year I was in business saying, “I can’t do this,” until one day I stopped myself and said, “OMG, I’m doing this!”

Hardest part about owning your own business? All the mistakes I make. I feel like I spend a lot of time saying, “Well shit, that didn’t work.” It used to bog me down, but I’ve embraced the concept of failing forward.

Biggest skin care advice? Wear your freakin’ sunblock! Most of the sun damage we see in our 30’s and 40’s was done by in our 20’s. Lets not make it worse. Please.