How do I minimize my child’s chance of injury?

Q: My child hasn’t participated in any organized sports since the pandemic started. What can she do to minimize injury as she tries to get back in shape?

What we’ve seen in Europe is an increase in injuries since professional soccer has resumed play. While the reasons are being studied, we do know that deconditioning can increase injury risk. It is important to understand that sports injuries are not inevitable and in many cases are preventable. Develop a gradually progressive exercise plan and have it reviewed by a personal or athletic trainer. The following are some important factors to reduce her injury risk:

  1. Making an exercise plan and sticking to it. It is important to increase the duration, frequency, or intensity of the exercise by less than 10% each week
  2. Proper exercise technique under supervision
  3. Adequate dynamic stretching before and after workouts
  4. Adequate hydration prior to, during, and after workouts

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