Just one year since its initial launch, CozyPhones, an Ashburn-based business specializing in headphones with ultra-thin speakers inside a comfortable headband, has become a top seller in the United States.

The product, which was initially created as a sleeping aid, is now available for travel, relaxation, and those who are active. Most importantly, it has become a go to for parents who are trying to find ways to better serve children who battle with autism and sensory processing disorders.

cozyphones“We feelso fortunate to be able to serve kids and families with special needs who cannot use traditional headphones or earbuds,” said Paul Miller, founder of the Veteran owned business. “In particular, we have found a wonderful niche within the Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) communities and the response has been amazing. The letters and feedback we get from our customers is heartwarming and we’re happy to be providing a needed solution for those families.”

Recognizing the need for such a product, Miller, with the help of his daughter and aspiring artist, Helen, designed a new line of kid-friendly headphones that come as a frog, smiley face, panda, unicorn, and the “Whatif Monster”.

“We can barely keep them in stock,” Miller said, adding that the lycra version for runners have also been a big hit. In recent months, there has also been a high demand for international shipping, which is something the local company hopes to provide in the near future.

“CozyPhones are all about comfort and fun. Whether you’re just relaxing, exercising, or getting on a plane for a five hour flight, we want to be the #1 choice for everyone in the family,” Miller said.
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