Many people have different perceptions of what destiny really means; some believe that destiny is already set in stone before birth, while others believe individuals can choose their own destiny.  To me, destiny is something that we can influence, if we choose to.

I chose to adopt this meaning of destiny after I was diagnosed with cancer.  After a few long years, I was finally able to beat cancer; I felt as if I had been given a second chance at life, and I wanted to make everything right – everything I could.  

About 7 years ago, I started my own music academy called “Notes n’ Beats”, which was and is aimed to teach a fusion of Indian music and Western music.  Music is universal, so my teachers and I strive to help students express themselves through music and encourage each child take the music and make it theirs, giving it their own personal touch.  Each student is unique with different, amazing talents that they all bring together to create something beautiful and truly blissful to watch.

I had been working in my music school for several years now and this thought gave me the perfect idea of do a community event.  

For a long time before cancer, I had always wanted to organize some kind of a charitable event so I could do my part to the community.  But I never could come up with a good “idea” or “theme” for it. As cheesy as it sounds, I felt like I got cancer and got rid of it in order for me to do something for other cancer survivors.  And we did. Last year, Notes n’ Beats students and teachers performed a show called “Celebration of Life” in the Tally Ho theater, Leesburg to signify how beautiful life is and how we can celebrate it with music.  

In continuation to last year’s theme, we at Notes n’ Beats feel that our destiny this year in 2018 is to connect potential sponsors with a few artists with autism that we met.  Diagnosed with autism, these individuals may not be able to act and speak like most, but they have much more amazing talents than we can imagine. For example, one of them, Himal, is able to create extraordinary intricate pieces of art from memory.  I found their stories so incredibly inspiring that we made a commitment to help finding sponsors for their work. They are trying to make a livelihood in spite of their challenges and that is phenomenal, in my honest opinion.

In an effort to help them, we formed a volunteer team to find sponsors to donate.  In turn, the sponsors can advertise in our music event and will receive artwork from the artists themselves!   

See our video to see how you can sponsor (2.5 mins video)

We will be commemorating them in our music event – DESTINY – in an effort to showcase the journey of life, its obstacles and successes and how we can influence our own destiny, if we choose to.

Join us on the 23rd of Sep, 2018 at the beautiful Hylton Performing Arts Center.  Tickets available here.

Complete with a live orchestra, people of all ages will be performing Indian songs, Western arrangements – rock and pop and much more!  All the proceeds from the show will go to support the artists with autism.

See our event promo video (45 seconds long)

Next week’s issue: The Story and Pictures of Artists with Autism