Dinosaur: A Photicular Book

A Photicular Book

Created By Dan Kainen
Written By Kathy Wollard

Rrrrrroooar! My first experience with a Photicular Book! Exciting and a fun family read! Laying this book flat with my family eager to flip to the next scene was a delight. We did not know what to expect from this book but it came to life! No more boring dino books trying to get your little ones to sit or stay still. Live action Dinosaurs moving and walking through the pages. Each turn has fun filled colors and descriptions of 400 million years ago. T. Rex, Stegosaurus, and my favorite Triceratops are all inside. Stegosaurus shares a rumble and battle style with horns and bony shields. Velociraptor from the movies is shared in a different light, only 3 feet tall! Also fun learning that some dinosaur may have had dare I say…..Feathers!

Listed inside is fun facts such as Size, Habitat, Range, Diet, Top Land Speed, Threats and When They lived. Sharing these facts are an easy read. We also tried having our children guess or share what they think the answer might be. Many ways to read this book or enjoy this book. Best of all, long after you are done reading the fun does not stop. A child is able to have visual enjoyment with Dinosaurs or pretend along battles, tearing at meat or grazing low lying plants. Children are able to play and open the stimulating pages,enjoying the moving stories. Photicular reading encourages movement and live action. Break out some toy dinosaurs to pair along for enjoyment. Children will be able to sample play how a large size creature such a Eoraptor stomped or stood long long ago. Like a real Dinosaur!

Bring this animated visual book along with you in the car, playdate, airport or just home with the family. Birthday party winner! All reading levels can enjoy and play with the pages of this creative book. Sharing a new way to read along with motion and imagination. Class room or quite reading times, all can engage. Teachers will love play time paired with history of the Jurassic time or Cretaceous period. Dinosaur did not just roam our earth millions of years ago, they are in our childrens day to day play, imagination, art and childhood. Children will be eager to read, share and play along with “Dinosaur”. The motion will draw any dino loving enthurtist to ROAR out for more!