Discover Why Parents and Students Alike Love Nysmith

SchoolIf you’re looking for a private school that’s different from all others, then look no further—Nysmith School for the Gifted is the school for you. Nysmith is different than any other school in the Washington Area. How so? Take a tour of Nysmith for yourself, and you’ll be hooked.

The Proof is in the Commute
Families commute from Bethesda MD and Arlington Counties each day to provide their children with a Nysmith education. The fact that several families have sold their homes, quit their jobs, and moved to the area specifically for the children to attend Nysmith is a statement other schools can not say.

Accreditation and Technique
While Nysmith has been ranked Top 10 in the World by Johns Hopkins CTY Talent Search and Top 1% in every category on IOWA Standardized Testing and received a Tommy Award from TJHSST, nothing compares to the fun that the children have while learning to their highest potential. Nysmith diversifies the academics to meet the needs of the children—they don’t simply teach from a prescribed text.

A Common Sense Approach
The Nysmith School diversifies the academics to help each child succeed at the level that they are ready to learn without pressure. Reading and math classes are differentiated up to four grade levels above grade. The students change classes with each subject to allow teachers to teach the subjects that they are most passionate teaching. That passion and depth of knowledge translates into a fun and energetic program for the students. The daily curriculum consists of reading and math, hands-on science, hands-on technology and computer instruction, foreign language, social studies, and either physical education or music each day. The goal of the Nysmith School is to make school fun.

Minimal Homework
One of the ways that the Nysmith School is different from other schools is that it minimizes the repetition both in the classroom as well as at home. The benefit of minimizing the repetition is that not only does it reduce the student’s boredom, but it also allows more time for deeper analysis and more thorough investigation of the content.

Parents Can Join in the Fun, Too!
Parents often help with community service projects such as the Special Olympics, making sandwiches for Martha’s Table, blood drives, and International Day, to name just a few. Parental involvement ensures that students witness what it takes to get involved, become responsible citizens and understand their importance in society.

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