ETY Kids Earphones

When I was growing up, I wanted to be a music producer.  I loved listening to music like every teenager and I listened to it loudly using my headphones.  I don’t have hearing issues, except when my wife is speaking to me, but I wonder what type of damage my hearing may have suffered from listening to loud music for years.

Engineers at Etymotic Research have been concerned about the hearing health of our kids.  Today, our kids use headphones not just to listen to music but, also to watch movies, play games etc.  At times, they may wear their headphones for more than 4 hours a day.  We already know our kids will have neck issues from looking down at their phones but, is there something we can do to save their hearing?  The answer is yes.

ETY Kids 5 earphones are designed to provide highest quality sound at all levels of volume.  The earphones have a safe maximum level of volume that cannot be increased to dangerous levels.  The earphones are also designed with sound isolation features that minimizes the exterior noises from interfering with the users listening pleasure.  This feature also eliminates the need to listen to sounds at high levels.  Product seems to be well built and comes in 3 cool and vibrant colors.  I know you care about your kids’ health and hearing is one of the five senses of being a human being.  ETY Kids 5 headphone meets and exceeds our expectations and they are Posh Products approved.