French Hound Brasserie in Landsdowne

After 10 years in Middleburg under the moniker “The French Hound,” owners Chef John-Gustin Birkitt and wife Marny closed their doors only to reopen in Leesburg – a sort of homecoming for Birkitt, who was born in Leesburg.

“We loved our locals,” said Birkitt and called the move a “hard decision” but they were excited to be in a larger space with more traffic. The open and inviting restaurant is decked out with burgundy barstools, lined up neatly against bold mustard yellow walls. Plenty of seating throughout the restaurant includes booths, seats at the bar and tables out on the patio. Compared to Middleburg’s location, which was cozy and quaint, the Leesburg location is open, sometimes a bit loud and gregarious – but always full of energy.

“Brasserie” simply means brewery, and their new location boasts a beautiful 30 foot bar along with a robust menu that keeps the hits from their Middleburg location but continues to expand into new culinary delights.

Start your meal with a crispy fried leg of duck confit, which comes served over a frisee salad with capers and carrots. For those searching for a hearty portion of a classic dish, look no further than their steak frites. Birkitt has crafted a variety of sauces and cuts of steak, so the diner can truly customize their meal and find rich flavor in every bite. The frites are perfectly seasoned with garlic salt and herbs, a perfect complement to the juicy and tender steak – try the Onglet cut with the caramelized shallot sauce. And no meal at a brasserie would be complete without a cup of French onion soup – Chef John-Gustin’s stab at the recipe is rich, comforting and seasoned perfectly.

“It’s not an easy business,” said Birkitt, “but when someone had a memorable evening here, I think that it makes all of our work worth it.”

19286 Promenade Drive, Leesburg, Virginia 20176
(571) 333-1881