Girlfriend’s Guide to Posh Breweries in Northern Virginia

“Where do I start?” Beer, brew, ale, pint…All common names for beer, but which one is for you? Are you a beginner? A seasoned veteran? The girlfriend’s guide to breweries will school you not only on craft beer, but the best places in Loudoun County to enjoy it, and things to do while there. Take a day, relax, and try something new!

Alright, girlfriends. For all intents and purposes, there are two types of beers: ales and lagers. Below is a list of some of the most popular beer styles to become familiar with.
Ale: Sweet, fuller-bodied and fruity with hints of plum, apple,and pear.
• Brown ales, Porter ales, Stout ales

Light, carbonated with a clean taste.
• American Style Pale Lager, Pilsner Lager, Light Lager,Dark Lager, Bock lager

spicy, but fruity (unique in flavor).
• Belgian-Style Blond Ale, Belgian-Style Dubbel, Belgian-Style Gold Strong Ale, Belgian-Style Pale Ale, Belgian-Style Quadruple, Belgian-Style Saison, Belgian-Style Tripel


• Cider beers are almost a hybrid between beer (due to the bubbly taste and their yeast fermentation process) and wine (because they’re made with fruit); Cider is not technically considered a beer, due to its absence of malt and hops. Ciders are great for those who haven’t fully developed a palette for beer and want something light
• Apple Cider, Pear Cider, Pumpkin Cider

Dark Lager:
Malt accented lager with caramel notes.
• American Amber Lager, German-Style Dunkel, German-Style Marzen/Oktoberfest, German-Style Schwarzbier, Vienna-Style Lager
• India Pale Ale (IPA) – Hoppy aroma, bitter yet full of flavor
• American India Pale Ale/IPA, English-Style India Pale Ale/IPA, Imperial India Pale Ale

Pale Ale:
Produced with malted barley.
• American Amber Ale, American Pale Ale, English-Style Bitter, Blond Ale, English-Style Pale Ale

Pilsner or Pale Lager:
Pale beer that is clean, with light hops.
• American Lager, Bohemian-Style Pilsner, European-Style Export, German-Style Helles, German-Style Pilsners

Porter –
Dark brown beer rich in coffee, chocolate, nut and caramel flavors.
• American Imperial Porter, Baltic-Style Porter, English- Style Porter, Robust-Porter, Smoke Porter

Specialty Beer

• All types of beer that don’t fit into a historic beer set. Specialty beers are based on classic beer styles but made with unique twists (the base style can be recognized).
• American Black Ale, Barrel-Aged Beer, Chocolate Beer, Coffee Beer, Fruit and Field Beer, Gluten-Free, Herb and Spice Beer, Honey Beer, Pumpkin Beer, Rye Beer, Session Beer, Smoked Beers

Dark with intense, roasted flavors, and, can taste bitter, dry, smooth, strong, or sweet.
• American Imperial Stout, American Stout, English-Style Oatmeal Stout, English-Style Sweet Stout, Irish Style Dry Stout

Wild/Sour Beer:
Acidic, tart, and tastes sour.
• American Brett, American Sour, Belgian-Style Flanders, Belgian-Style Fruit Lambic, Belgian-Style Lambic/Gueuze, Contemporary Gose


(Bluemont, Virginia)
Light and Crisp:
Straw (5.1% ABV) Single hop light Ale named for its golden color
Farm Use (4.1% ABV) Easy drinking Pale Ale with hints of tangerine


Boots Off (6.8% ABV) Earthy and hoppy American IPA
Pants Off (9% ABV) Double India Pale Ale with a balanced malt


Bourbon Barrel Barleywine (13% ABV) refreshing and robust blend of sweet caramel and oak, brewed for ten months in bourbon barrels

Fruit, Spice or Sour:

Som Peach (5.4% ABV) Ale with pounds and pounds of fresh peaches in every batch! Quintessential summer seasonal ale.
Lemongrassias (5.5% ABV) Golden Ale brewed with Dirt Farm’s 6-row Estate Barley, fresh Lemongrass and Citra hopped.

EVENTS: Deemed the best view in Loudoun County, Dirt Farm Brewing has scenery for the record books. Activities range from Yoga to live music.

(Leesburg, Virginia)
Light and Crisp:
Lucketts Store Light (4.5% ABV) a light, smooth Pilsner style lager
La Hacienda (5% ABV) a traditional Mexican-style lager. Clean, smooth, and can be served with a lime.


Fat Boys (8.5% APV) a Double IPA that features bold, fruity aromatics commonly associated with an American IPA – light-bodied with a smooth finish.
Lucketts Calling (6.3% ABV) A hazy IPA with big fruity hop flavors and slight bitterness.


Stargazer Black Lager (5.3% ABV) A dry, German-style lager with a hint of dark chocolate.
Milk Stout (5.8 ABV) – Bold and upfront sweetness that is chocolaty and creamy. Almost like delicious chocolate milk.

Fruit, Spice or Sour:

Juicy Tangerine (5.5 ABV) made with tangerine juice, this tart and sour beer aim to please!
Strawberry Blonde (5.4% ABV) Belgian-style blonde Ale infused with fresh strawberries for a light, crisp, and refreshing taste.

EVENTS: Bingo, Salsa, and Yoga touch the surface of things to do at Vanish. Weekends host a plethora of food trucks, mobile boutiques, and games for adults, kids, and dogs!

(Leesburg, Virginia)
Light and Crisp:
ResQ Red (4.8% ABV) light-bodied Ale with palette cleansing hickory-smoked ginger


Loud & Brewing (7.0% ABV) Malt backbone with a strong citrus-hop profile. An easy-drinking copper Ale
Completely Nuts (5.2% ABV) A cousin to the Brown Ale, this is sweet and smooth with a defined nutty flavor from freshly roasted nuts


Stand Up, and Stout (6.5% ABV) Infused with coffee beans and cocoa nibs to create a rich, roasted flavor with a smooth, dry finish.

Fruit, Spice or Sour:

Oh My Darlin’ (8.5% ABV) Mandarina Bavaria hops accentuated with fresh clementine
Voluptous (7.9% ABV) a super special Vino Pale, fused with Virginia’s Viognier grape

EVENTS: Located steps from the historic George C. Marshall House, enjoy a little of Loudoun’s past accompanied with beer!
Beer is now for everyone, and girlfriend let me tell you…it’s good! Practice makes perfect. Get out and experiment. Enjoy
one or taste them all. Let them know that AJ’s Tasting Room sent you!