Hanukkah and Thanksgiving – Honor Them Both

This year, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving fall on the same date. It won’t happen again until 2070. Some people will celebrate both traditions. If you are one of them, how do you go about planning your holiday decor?

Thanksgiving colors are often associated with the harvest – browns, oranges, yellows and other earthy hues. Hanukkah colors are blue and white, which symbolize the importance of the prayer shawls and the Israeli flag. A modern addition is to use a touch of silver to add some sparkle or to use in combination with silver menorahs. It can be intriguing to pull all of these colors together, but also potentially disastrous if you don’t have the “eye” for it.

So how does one go about honoring both traditions at the same time? The best way to do this is to start by decorating dining tables and sideboards. Here are two examples to help guide you.

This centerpiece is very rustic – representing the harvest – and has eight tall, white candles with one in the center to represent the menorah. The silverware, cobalt blue on the plates and the white tablecloth represent Hanukah, and the drizzled gold on the plates and gold bands on the antique glassware add a touch of Thanksgiving.

This makes for an elegant, modern table setting.

As for the sidebar, a lovely floral design pulls the colors of the main table together with textural gold candles and red apples. The same settings move from the table to the sideboard, now using it as a buffet. The addition of the burnished gold fringed throw really amps up the glam factor, and the addition of tall bent twigs and the gold pitcher with blue flowers warm it up even more.

Tip: Use a plate rack to display one of your plates as an element of décor.

These ideas will help you decorate a fabulous table and grab everyone’s attention to create a very convivial, combined celebration.

Flower Arrangements: Jennifer Morris, J Morris Flowers, Leesburg, VA
Photos: Nirusha Benham of Roosh Photography, Gainesville, VA

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