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The Holiday ’11 is here:

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Dear I AM Modern Readers,

Happy New Year! Every year, my family and I make a big deal over the New Year celebrations. We get together, cook and eat plenty. We also take part in a family ritual. The host of each year’s festivities must buy red undies for every member of the party and we get a kick out of watching our new guest’s faces when we hand them their pair of obligatory red panties. Tradition states that wearing red panties on midnight will bring you wealth, luck and happiness. If you are a male at the party, it will also bring you much embarrassment. As a host, I make it a point to buy the men risqué underpants. But don’t judge me harshly–it is for their own good. Remember, they will prosper in the New Year.

Another ritual we take part in is going around our dinner table and sharing the many resolutions, promises and goals we’ve made for the year ahead. Even the younger crowd makes resolutions… “Mom, I promise to come to you at the count of 2 instead of 3.” We know we will most definitely lose weight, get fit, make more money, learn this and give up that. Unfortunately, we all know, we forget or drop those resolutions by the time February comes around.

This year I want to do things a little differently. Nothing wrong with the red panty tradition, we’ll keep that one. But this year, instead of doing things, I am going to try to not do. This year, I want to flow rather than influence. I want to observe rather than push. I want to feel rather than anticipate.

In my reflection, I found I AM Modern Magazine has been doing just that for the last 3 and a half years. Each issue, we highlighted and celebrated our readers and our fans. We showcased people that may have inspired you. We covered topics, whether you agreed with them or not, that made you think. We solidified our community by giving you a voice and allowing you to contribute to any one of our issues. We tried not do anything but be. We didn’t throw our magazines on your stoops and we didn’t junk mail you. We left the magazines at places that you went to and you noticed and picked us up. And for that we thank you.

From our I AM Modern Family to yours, we wish you peace and happiness in the coming year.

To sisterhood,

Hulya Aksu
Founding Publisher
Modern Mom Media Corporation

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