I’m Dr. Joanna Claustro, and This is My Way…

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Joanna Claustro DMD

20745 Williamsport Place, Suite 300,
Ashburn, VA 20147


My dad taught me to always treat people well, and success will follow. I’ve taken his words and built my dental practice philosophy around it.

I graduated high school from the Madeira School in McLean, Virginia and went on to study Computer Science, Business and Expository Writing at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. After undergrad I started a budding career in Marketing, but felt the drive to pursue a path that would allow me to help others live more fulfilling lives. I discovered dentistry and saw it as a means to build relationships with people and help them overcome fears and achieve greater health. It was also an industry with a growing number of female leaders and opportunities to build one’s own business. I earned my DMD at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston and the rest is history!

After years of training, continuous professional and personal development, and happily caring for my patients, I am proud to have a successful Cosmetic and Family Dentistry Practice backed by an incredible team.

Take us through typical day.
6am wakeup. 7am Venti Starbucks. 7:15 Toddler Dropoff. 7:30am Arrive at the office for morning team meeting, care for patients from 8am-5pm, followed by toddler pick-up, dinner prep, wine, family time and bedtime. I’ll often catch up on marketing and paperwork after we’ve put our son down for bed. My family and I have just joined a gym so hopefully that will become part of our typical day too!

What apps, gadgets, or tools do you rely on everyday?
I would be lost without my iPhone, Instagram (follow me @joannaclaustrodmd), and my Passion Planner. These tools help me stay connected with my community and with my family and friends despite my busy schedule. And I love being able to jump on to my personal Instagram account and see a visual history of how far my family and I have come over the years.

What is the best and worst decision you’ve ever made?
Best decision: to see a chiropractor. After years of doing dentistry and breastfeeding for over a year, my body was stuck. It’s incredible what improved alignment—both physical and mental—can do for your overall happiness.

Worst decision: I went rollerblading to impress a boy and ended up in the emergency room with a broken nose, 2 black eyes, and a fractured cheek bone. Thankfully my teeth were in tact and 10 years later that boy became my husband!

What was your dream job as a kid and why?
I wanted to be a screenplay writer because I wanted to tell stories and stretch my creativity. I also wanted to meet Leonardo DiCaprio, so I figured I’d write him a movie!

What woman inspires you and why?
I am inspired by my friend, Stephanie Hoaglund, because she is someone who leaves a wake of positivity behind her. She has seen her husband through a winning battle with colon cancer, is gracefully raising two teenagers, and is bravely switching careers to follow her own passions. She’s just a real person, and I resonate with that.

What is your best time-saving shortcut?
Top Ramen with leftover pork, fresh veggies, and an egg on top. Instagram-worthy dinner in 10 minutes or less!

Who are the people who help you get things done, and how do you rely on them?
My dental team raises me up every single day. We share a dedication for patient care and everyone on my team represents my brand. They build and maintain relationships so that I can do what I love—help others smile.

How do you keep track of your to-do lists?
I’ve recently started using a Passion Planner that helps me focus on long and short-term goals, visualize possibilities, and turn them into completed tasks!

What’s your least favorite thing to do, and how do you deal?
Math. And I deal by delegating all math-related tasks that can’t quickly be dealt with finger counting or a calculator to others.

Do you take Posh timeouts? What do you do when you want to forget about work?
Yes! I travel and exercise! But honestly, I still think about patients and ways to build my business at all times… I think it’s part of being a true entrepreneur, I enjoy it!

What are you currently reading, or what’s something you’d recommend?
I’m currently listening to Karamo Brown’s memoir on Audible, and am binging on the podcast, Build Your Tribe

 What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
My dad taught me to always treat people well, and success will follow. I’ve taken his words and built my dental practice philosophy around it.

How do you stay current in your industry?
I invest countless hours on high-quality continuing education in dentistry and general professional development. I also mentor others on how to better themselves as dental professionals.

Do you have any advice for women that would like to be in your industry?
Do it for the opportunity to be a leader and to positively impact the lives of others. Don’t let others define your measurement of success.
And not all dentistry is created equal — choose to be great by investing in advanced training and always do what is best for your patients.

Is there anything else you’d like to add that might be interesting to readers and fans?
I love connecting and engaging with other women in our community. Follow my practice on Instagram @joannaclaustrodmd and personally @mamajoannadmd for before and afters, health tips, female empowerment, and general life inspiration! Let’s all work to raise each other up!



My Way series asks entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers to share their shortcuts, workspaces, routines, and more. Have someone you want to see featured, or questions you think we should ask? Email [email protected]