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Dr. Stephenie Browning’s focus has been on providing leading cosmetic options to rejuvenate smiles. Utilizing advanced dental and cosmetic techniques, she can help you achieve a natural, healthy, aesthetic smile. Dr. Browning has been recognized as a Washington DC Top Dentist by her peers and her patients in several publications throughout the years. Dr. Browning knows that smiles and esthetics have a more significant emotional and psychological impact than most people realize, and the transformations she has brought about through comprehensive care can be life-changing for her patients. Dr. Browning has invested hundreds of hours in education and hands-on training to provide cutting-edge, longlasting cosmetic results. She offers free cosmetic consultations where prospective patients can discuss options for designing a beautiful, confident smile.

One word that describes your workplace:

Take us through a typical day.
As a working mom, a consistent routine has become a vital part of my day. Before work, I wake up two kids who just want to go back to sleep, wipe up endless amounts of spilled milk, beg my infant not to take off his diaper, repeat “Get in the Car” about 800 times, and hope I can make it out alive without breakfast smeared all over my clothes. Once at the office, I breathe, I drink a cup of coffee and get ready for a fast-paced day of caring for patients. The best part of working with patients is the conversations I get to have with fascinating people. Loudoun County is full of smart, engaging people with unique stories. My goal is to make each patient feel like they are the only person in the room. I spend hours outside with the kids, drinking a glass of wine, and hanging out with neighbors. Then off to force-feed the kids’ dinner that my husband cooked, hopefully just one bath time, sweet baby snuggles, saying yes to one (maybe three) more books, and collapsing in front of trash tv with my husband before an early bedtime. Rinse and repeat.

What apps, gadgets, or tools do you rely on every day?
I couldn’t live without my DSLR camera. Digital photography has changed the world of dentistry through discussing treatment options, analyzing your smile, seeing where you’ve started and where you have progressed. I use my camera daily to educate and record. It’s also vital to capture all my favorite moments with my children.

What is the best and worst decision you’ve ever made?
Best decisions: marrying a husband who likes to cook and hiring someone to clean my house. Without them, I’d be feeding my family frozen meals every night, and never be with clean clothes.

The greatest asset you will
ever own in life is yourself:
consistently work to improve
who you are as a person.

I can only do so much! Life truly takes a village.
Worst decision: going grocery shopping with both kids then forgetting some of the groceries in the back of my car for a week. We all secretly feel for all the moms out there at the grocery store holding it together with their kids while trying not to give in to buying every toy the kids see. There is a special place in this world for stores that keep candy and toys in the checkout line.

What woman inspires you, and why?
I’m blessed to say, my mother: She is a woman who has persevered through all life has thrown at her, who loves and cares deeply, who works hard to keep things together and consistent for her family,who challenges herself to grow, who has faith, and who gets up every day and continues to be the rock for so many.

What’s your least favorite thing to do, and how do you deal?
Emptying leftover food containers from the fridge. I hate to admit that I deal with it by setting them on the counter and waiting for my husband to throw them out. Love you, Honey!!

Do you take Posh timeouts? What do you do when you want to forget about work?
Absolutely, but probably not as much as I should. Self-care is extremely important. I’m a better person for everyone when I’ve taken care of myself. A morning of quiet when my husband takes the kids to daycare, and I can wake up when I want, drink coffee on the couch without anyone jumping on me, and nap at 10 a.m. the best morning I can ever imagine. That and a morning at The Red Door Spa. It’s a toss-up.

What are you currently reading?
The Zoe Report—Top 30 Things to Buy on Amazon. I have a problem, and it’s called Amazon.

What key character traits/skills should young women develop to be successful?
Learn how to independently work hard from an early age and learn how to recognize your strengths without relying on other people to validate them. A lot of women grow up having others help them through a tough process- Oh your homework is hard, Let me help you; Oh you aren’t the greatest driver, Let me drive for you; Oh you like working with your hands, Let me do that for you. I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t ask for help when needed, but sometimes, you need to keep trying, persevere, and keep pushing yourself to achieve. Learn to see your strengths and be proud of yourself.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
The greatest asset you will ever own in life is yourself: consistently work to improve who you are as a person. Whether you’re developing hands-on skills, knowledge, or empathy, enjoy the process of learning and improving yourself. And enjoy a nice glass of wine, you deserve it.

Is there anything else you’d like to add that might be interesting to readers and fans?
Coolest party trick: I can twist my hands around 360 degrees—ask me next time you see me—I’ll show you!


My Way series asks entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers to share their shortcuts, workspaces, routines, and more. Have someone you want to see featured, or questions you think we should ask? Email [email protected]