Julia Condie, Woodgrove High School Class of 2020

Julia Condie

Name of the Senior: Julia Condie

City: Purcellville, VA

High School Name: Woodgrove High School

College Plans: James Madison University

Bio: Julia has been actively involved in the music and drama departments at WHS while maintaining an honors curriculum. She was fortunate to be selected for district and state honors choirs and enjoyed leading the all girls A Cappella group…the Belletones. Julia hopes to pursue the arts in college and will likely be attending James Madison University in the fall.

Tell us your feelings about how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed your senior year: I was excited for my senior year…especially the spring when I only had to focus on my end of the year project, spending time with friends, chorus concerts, and prom. Now that all of that is gone, it’s been a time of continued uncertainty for me. Will I even be able to have my graduation? Will my freshman year of college even start in September? Though I’m disappointed in how things turned out, I’ve made peace with it. This time spent away from school has allowed me to focus on myself and what I love while continuing to be excited about my future. I don’t know when that will come, but when it does…I’m more than ready.