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The Internet is full of great life hacks—little tricks you can use day-to-day so your life runs more smoothly. They range from clever ideas to get discounts at stores to small changes that help make your closet more tolerable. At my house, some of our favorites include ways to make parenting easier or more fun. Whether your kids are infants or teenagers, here are a few parenting life hacks straight from the mouth of a kid himself:

Babies don’t like getting water in their eyes, so here’s an easy fix for tubby time: take a sheet of wax paper and cut it into a large circle. Next, cut out a circle in the center large enough to fit around your baby’s head at the hairline, similarly to a visor. Place the wax paper ring on his or her head when it’s time to wash your baby’s hair. The water will run off the wax paper sort of like a tiny roof, without splashing any water in your little one’s face.

If your child has a problem with monsters (I know I did when I was little!) take an empty spray bottle and label it MONSTER SPRAY. Fill it with water or a scented spray like Febreze. Then go around the house with your child and spray anywhere they think monsters might be hiding. You can even make up a song or a rhyme to sing with your child while you spray your magic anti-monster potion. Another solution is to make monsters of your own. Draw happy monsters on pieces of paper or cardboard and hang them around your child’s room. This way, the good monsters will keep the bad monsters out.

When you’re teaching your child how to write, the way the pencil is grasped can actually be one of the biggest challenges. An easy solution is to have your child hold a tissue between their palm and their ring and pinkie fingers. Challenge your child to keep the tissue between these fingers without dropping it. This guides him or her away from attempting to grip the pencil with their whole hand.

Babies love phones. Toddlers love phones. Kids love phones. EVERYONE loves phones, okay? But it’s easy for little kids to make big changes to a smartphone. Goodbye, entire contacts list! Have a Samsung? Check out the great app called Kid’s Mode. Once enabled, this password-protected app allows you to hand over your phone with only apps of your choosing pre-approved for access. If you swear allegiance to the iPhone, kid-proofing can be a little more difficult. Go to Settings and select General. Then select Accessibility and tap on Guided Access. Here, you can set a password that allows access only to the apps you’ve enabled. In a pinch, you can also turn on airplane mode to block in-app purchases.

If you have to administer medicine to your baby, cut a tiny hole at the tip of his or her beloved binky. Then, as your child uses the binky, slide the syringe into the open back and squirt the medicine directly (and slowly) into your baby’s mouth. Be careful when cutting the hole that there are no tiny pieces of rubber or plastic that could create a potential choking hazard, and discard this binky immediately after use.

When you’re going somewhere crowded with a younger child, make sure to give them some sort of identification. The easiest way to do this is to buy ID tags and label them with your child’s name, your email, and your phone number in case they get lost. Slip these around an ankle or tie them to their shoes, and you’re all set.

If your child has outgrown his or her infant tub but is still too small to sit safely in the actual tub, put a plastic lattice-style laundry basket in the bath and set your child inside of it. The water will flow freely through the holes, the child is more secure in a smaller space, they won’t slide around as much, and all of their toys can easily be placed within reach.

Chances are, your child may not like eating vegetables. Sometimes kids (and even grownups) don’t like this necessity of life because of how they look rather than how they taste. A great way to make veggies look more appetizing is to put sugar-free sprinkles on them. Maybe now your child will be more willing to give them a try. Everything’s a little more delicious when it resembles a cupcake, right? Most kid don’t like doing their chores, but they do like to play games! Make chores into a game by timing your kids or by competing against them to see who can finish an activity fastest. They’ll have so much fun they might even forget they’re doing chores in the first place.

Need a highchair on the go? This one requires a bit of DIY handiwork. Sometimes, restaurants don’t have chairs with a harnesses, or maybe you’re visiting a friend who doesn’t have any kids. Here’s an awesome tutorial on how to make your own chair harness:

We know moms (and dads, too!) are a treasure trove of hacks. Share your best hacks and tricks with us! Tag your great ideas with #poshhacks and we’ll compile a list of our favorites in future issues.

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