Loudoun County Salvation Army Response to Hurricane Irma

The Salvation Army began offering assistance to disaster survivors after a major hurricane hit Galveston, Texas in September 1900, destroying the coastal city and killing thousands of people. At the request of The Salvation Army’s National Commander, Frederick Booth-Tucker, officers (the clergy of The Salvation Army) from across the country moved into the Galveston area to help feed and shelter the thousands of survivors, while also providing much needed emotional and spiritual support.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas on August 31st, 2017, The Salvation Army did not hesitate to stock their mobile feeding units (canteen) and deploy to the affected areas of Texas to assist those in need.  A total of 79 Salvation Army mobile feeding units deployed to Texas.  Since The Salvation Army’s arrival in Texas, we have served more than 522,905 meals and sheltered 3,279 people.  Salvation Army employees and volunteers have dedicated over 89,000 hours assisting those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“This is an unprecedented month with two major hurricanes expected to make landfall,” said Terry Lightheart. Emergency/Disaster Services Director for The Salvation Army of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. “This is an all hands-on deck situation for equipment and personnel from across the South and nation. This division will be providing both equipment and personnel to Texas and in Florida.”

The Salvation Army has continued their Emergency Disaster Services efforts in Florida and Georgia after Hurricane Irma struck on September 9th.  Captain Pradeep Ramaji, of The Salvation Army of Loudoun County Virginia, deployed to southern Georgia the morning of September 12th in a mobile feeding unit (canteen) in order to serve victims of Hurricane Irma.  Prior to his departure he stated, “My goal as a Salvation Army Officer in Loudoun County is to develop five volunteer emergency disaster teams that can deploy with us if another disaster strikes.  That is one of my big goals for Loudoun County.”

From Loudoun County Captain Pradeep and Keith Moore drove a Canteen Truck to feed and to give emotional & spiritual care to the IRMA victims. In the communities of St. Mary’s, Kingsland, and Savannah, they gave 5,500 meals and 10,000 water bottles. Browning Equipment whose generous gift of free vehicle maintenance on our Salvation Army Canteen allowed us to make the trip, and thank you, Genius Jerky for their handsome $5,000 donation of product to take to the victims and first responders – who obviously loved it. Captain Pradeep Ramaji wish to thank all of our Loudoun County supporters for their financial contributions, their prayers, and their offers of personal participation in our disaster relief effort. We can only take trained individuals, but Loudoun County residents can ask for training to be prepared in the future.

The Salvation Army’s Disaster relief efforts in response to Hurricane Irma thus far:

  • 124,289 Meals
  • 135,151 Drinks
  • 69,457 Snacks
  • 749 Food Boxes
  • 61 active Mobile Feeding Units (Canteens) and 74 at peak
  • 4,213 Persons Sheltered
  • Emotional & Spiritual Care to 13,013 individuals
  • 326 comfort kits
  • 26,617 hours of employee and volunteer service

“Our immediate focus is giving people food, water, and hope,” said Major Rob Vincent, area commander of The Salvation Army of Northeast Florida. “In the days, weeks, and months ahead, the immediate needs of the community may be different, but The Salvation Army will still be here giving help and hope.”

The Salvation Army will continue to deliver services to those affected by natural disasters.  The Salvation Army also provides everyday emergency services to people in the community.  We specialize in eviction prevention, utility shut-off preventions, homeless shelters, holiday assistance and more.

The Salvation Army of Loudoun County is actively fighting homelessness through our Social Services Department.  Visit our website for more information about our social service programs.

Website: Loudoun County VA