Loudoun, You Got a New Injector in Town

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Meet Shannon Synoracki, MHS, PA-C, Aesthetic Physician Assistant. 

We recently came across her Instagram account and started stalking her. Literally stalking because the pictures of the lips she was filling and posting were right up our alley. Shannon is not only about lips. Upon doing our research on our newfound gem, we discovered she is also an experienced Aesthetic Physician’s Assistant with extensive training and knowledge of injectables. She specializes in providing natural aesthetic results to patients through Neurotoxin and Dermal Filler injections. She has a very strong history and training in Cosmetic Dermatology and treatments such as PRP, Microneedling, Lasers, IV Hydration Therapy.

So, where is her website? We asked. It is coming. She is so new in town; she didn’t have her address or email listed yet on her profile. We DMed, and she made the next morning available to us. We eagerly jumped in and showed up 20 minutes early. She rented a beauty suite at Phenix Salon Suites in One Loudoun, right next door to Trader Joe’s. Get your lips plumped, forehead ironed out, and pick up some wine and cheese on your way out. Honestly, it can’t get better. Well, it could get better. If our new Russian Manicure Salon was next door, too, we would be in heaven. Review and information on Russian manis and pedis coming soon. 

We walked in Shannon’s very feminine pink and gold decorated small suite. It is in the back, and it is very private. She walked us through the releases and paperwork and actually listened to all of our problems. She carefully examined our face and made recommendations. No Botox, but Dysport and some fillers here and there, but not where we thought and of course some yummy new LIPS! She went to work after handing us a vibrating pen to distract us from the pain of the 1000 pokes she made in our face. 

So let’s talk about the 1000 pokes. She didn’t actually poke that many times but what she did do was carefully fill every area in different angles to create a natural look. When you poke more spots, you don’t rely on the massage most docs do when they inject you, and try to move the filler around to where they want it to go. She places the product where it needs to be. She doesn’t wrestle with a giant dump of filler like a few docs we know. Ahem.. we will not bash those folks here. 

After carefully ensuring the symmetry of our face, she gave us the ‘what to expect’ talk. We walked away feeling like a million bucks.  She charges a flat fee for lips, $650 and she has specials. After a week, everything settled in, and we love our new plump lips, sculpted cheekbones, and amazingly smooth forehead. Call her and tell her you are our friend. She loves Posh. But then again, who doesn’t. 

Sending plump kisses to all of you, 

Your Posh Editorial Team