Loving the Single Life During the Holidays


The holiday season is one of the best times to really focus on the most important love of your life. YOU!

There are plenty of single ladies out there who enjoy every independent second of being a free agent. I’m friends with quite a few of them and let me tell you…

They are having a blast during the holidays!

From destination celebrations to a cornucopia of dinner invitations, all the single ladies are making the most of the most wonderful time of the year.

So, what exactly is all the excitement about? Here you go! Pick and choose your holiday itinerary!

Whether you decide to fly completely solo, are arranging activities with a group of single friends, or a combination, D.C. has a lot of options.

What’s better than a delicious meal by fireplace? Well, in D.C. you have a ton of options! Make a reservation to enjoy dinner in front of the snap, crackle, and pop of a holiday icon. Tie one on with an Uber reservation home or bring your single friends with a DD. Either way, you’re bound to fill your tummy and your soul.

Ice Skating! How much fun to get a group of friends together, bundle up in your cutest holiday scarfs and hit the ice. D.C. has quite a few options that promise to help you glide into the spirit of the holidays!

Shopping!!! D.C. Downtown Holiday Market is a must see…and more than once! With a rotating list of incredible vendors, each trip back is a brand-new experience. Shop for your bestie, your mom, or…best of all…YOU!

Get bedazzled by the lights on a Georgetown Glow tour! Amazing light installations that inspire your holiday spirit! Combine it with a Georgetown pub-crawl and Merry Christmas!

And don’t forget to tap into your own connections! What’s better than one Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner? A whole day full! Check in with friends and see who’s cooking, when and where. You’d be surprised by how many visits you can fit it. Take a bottle of wine or a pumpkin pie and voila!

From dancing the night away in a Santa hat to a quiet night at home, resting in your jammies and watching your favorite holiday movie, the important thing is to think about what makes you happy and what feeds your soul, then get cooking for your best holiday season yet! XOXO!