Marina Bixler, Loudoun County High School Class of 2020

Marina Bixler

Name of the Senior: Marina Bixler

City: Leesburg, VA

High School Name: Loudoun County High School

College Plans: Attend the University of Florida

Bio: Ever since the start of freshman year, I was excited for college. It felt like four years would take an eternity and although some days it did, the majority went by extremely fast. I tried to engage myself in school and try new activities. After playing travel softball for a few years, I traded in my cleats for spikes and began running track, and eventually cross country. Some of my favorite memories from high school are ones I made I made with my teammates. Also, I was in the English, Science, Spanish, and general National Honors Societies to get a diversification of ways of thinking. Outside of school, I continued to pursue my interest in travel and went on an exchange trip to France and are planning to study abroad in college. At the University of Florida, I plan on studying fields to possibly become a diplomat or work with other nations in some way.

Tell us your feelings about how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed your senior year: It is unbelievable how quickly plans can change. It still feels so unreal and sad. I do realize that looking on the negative side will not help improve anything, that being said, I try and continue to stay in touch with my classmates. I do think it has caused the class of 2020 to become more united and understanding of each other. We have a unique story that no other graduating class can tell.