Meet the NoVa Class of 2020

The pandemic put a pause on their present. But the future is still theirs.

This was to be their year: 2020, a number that’s reminiscent of  “perfect vision,” 20/20. But no matter how strong the visual (or other) acuity, no one could see what was to come: a pandemic that would bring many events, not just including but especially large gatherings, to a stop. For the Class of 2020, that meant no graduations, no big parties, no traditional celebrations.

Music competitions, theatrical productions, spring sport seasons and championships, and more all ended abruptly. Prom, class parties, senior trips, and fun school traditions also were canceled suddenly as people were asked to isolate to slow the spread of the coronavirus that took hold of the world at the start of 2020. At the school year’s end, instead of collecting their diplomas by marching across the stage to “Pomp and Circumstance,” graduates experienced the milestone with restraint because of… well, the circumstances. No getting a degree in front of their peers and families, no tossing their graduation caps in the air, no hugging their teachers or posing for group photos with friends.

The COVID-19 pandemic nixed formal ceremonies that rightfully would have put the spotlight on graduating seniors. While we can’t provide them with a physical stage, we want to honor this special graduating class on this important occasion with a platform of their own. We invited local graduates to tell us about their senior year of high school, their thoughts on the pandemic, and their plans for college or other ventures. Posh Seven Magazine is proud to introduce you to nearly 100 members of the Class of 2020. These high school graduates from Northern Virginia are resilient and hopeful, practical and determined. They did not get the graduation they expected, but we know they will get the bright future they deserve.  CLICK TO KNOW THEM