MOMCATIONS: A Welcome Trend for Today’s Busy Moms

Moms have a lot on their plates. Not to say that dads don’t, too, but moms are typically the primary caregivers, problem solvers, friendship counselors, and uber drivers, and many times have part- or fulltime jobs to boot. This is why difficult as it can be to pull themselves away at times, moms occasionally need… A MOMCATION.

Momcations are the hottest trend and have replaced the girls’ weekends of the past. In fact, if you search the hashtag #momcation on Instagram you’ll find over 54,000 posts. Women are seeking ways to reconnect, recharge, seek self-care, and relax – and the momcation is the perfect solution.

It’s not that we don’t love being a mom. We do. We truly adore our little minions and spouses and ninety-ninepoint- nine percent of the time we love being their everything. But every now and then, we burn out just a teensy bit. Just as with any “job” you occasionally need a break. And yes, motherhood is a full-time job (albeit the best job).

Anyone in a role of full-time caregiving needs a break. A chance to be mindless and connect to life outside of that responsibility. Face it, if we counted how many times a day we hear “Mom!”, “Mama?” “Moooooom!” “Mommy?” or whatever other term of endearment has been bestowed upon us, there are days when it can be non-stop. It can also be emotionally stressful as we help our children navigate friendship struggles, frustrating when trying to focus their fidgety bodies on completing their homework, physically tiring carrying a toddler while picking up dirty socks, crumbs, and toys, and heartbreaking when they’re sick, and you can’t make them feel better. Being a mom can just be downright exhausting.

Studies have also shown that taking a break is imperative to a healthy emotional relationship with our families. According to research published in Clinical Psychological Science, “[parental] burnout can have serious consequences for both parent and child, increasing parental neglect, harm, and thoughts about escape.” While some may feel that needing a break from parenting reflects laziness or lack of commitment to the family, it is quite the opposite. Parenting today is much different than it was 20 or 30 years ago. There are pressures that did not exist for past generations. Today’s parents – and most often, moms – are more involved in their children’s education, their schools, their activities, and their safety, given the pervasiveness of social media today. It is a whole different world, and moms rarely get a break.
Momcations don’t have to be extravagant. They can be anything from a few days of R&R at a local Bed and Breakfast, to overnight in a mountain cabin… or even dinner and a movie with friends. Sometimes keeping things simple and inexpensive is the perfect way to get away for a few days without breaking the bank. However, when you’re looking for that special something, Momcations can also be a little decadent and luxurious, such as an exotic retreat with spa treatments and sunning poolside, or a weekend in the city taking in the sights, fine dining and seeing a show or two.

It is simple enough to plan your adventure; however, many resorts and travel companies have jumped on the momcation bandwagon, making a quick getaway easier than ever. Packages designed to fill this muchin- demand niche are springing up all over the place. With price tags that range from quite reasonable to genuinely extravagant, you can find a deal that meets your budget and expectations. Whether you desire to cozy up with a book for a long weekend at a local beach, jet-set off to some distant island in French Polynesia, or skip off to the Big Apple for some culture and fabulous cuisine, there is a momcation designed just for you.

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