Ms. Fixit | Chantilly, VA

For many local and small businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has been merciless and traumatizing. But the American entrepreneurial spirit is hard to kill and we want to share the inspiring stories.

Meet Ms. Fixit

Ms. Fixit is a home maintenance company that takes care of a variety of items you either can’t or don’t want to do. Our company has over 20 years in the building industry and all our home technicians are employees and fulled vetted. That means No Tipping! Right now we are only doing outside jobs until we are cleared to work in your home. We can clean up your yard, power wash your decks and walks, assemble outdoor furniture, etc. Basically anything we can do without contact. You can count on Ms. Fixit (woman-owned) to look out for your best interests!

We immediately limited our jobs to outside only. We are doing jobs like power washing, exterior paint, and getting your outside ready for when this ends. Our technicians are all equipped with masks/gloves & foot covers. We take this very seriously and take every precaution. We look forward to the time when we can offer our full range of services.

Ms. Fixit
14801 Willard Rd. #600
Chantilly, VA 20151
(571) 306 7683