Written from the pet’s perspective, this book is meant to educate and entertain on what it means to be a responsible pet owner.

Written and Illustrated by RAY NELSON, in partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital
Premier Press, 2014

My Very, Very Busy Day! is a picture book for readers ages one to five. The book was produced by Banfield Pet Hospital, which has locations all over the country, including in the DC metro area. The book teaches young readers about what their pets need to live happy and healthy lives. As we read, a dog goes about his day, and we get to come along for the ride. This is a very busy and enthusiastic dog: “I love to PLAY! I love to BARK at birds! I love to DIG! I love to CHASE balls!” The dog engages in activities like eating, playing, taking a bath and going to the veterinarian. It’s funny and sweet. The illustrations pop out at you. Children will laugh out loud as they learn about animals.

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