Netatmo Presence Smart Outdoor Security Camera and Light

Most new homes are now equipped with smart and connected products.  When we were buying our new home 14 years ago, the upgrade for smart home that included wired speakers throughout, intercom in every room and some other features I cannot fully recall was priced at $25,000.  Needless to say, we opted out of this upgrade.

Now you can buy and install smarter products for much cheaper for your home.  One such product is the Netatmo Presence.  This rectangular product is camera, motion sensor and flood lights all lumped in together.  It connects to cloud using your home’s Wifi and provides real time alerts, live and recorded videos directly to your smart phone.  The sensor is able to tell humans, cars and animal apart and provides the users to exclude some from generating uninteresting or unwanted alerts.

The flood light can come on automatically at night or you can chose to turn it off and leverage the night vision capabilities of the camera.  The installation is easy and the Presence can replace any of your existing light fixture.  The video storage in the cloud is provided to you for free and you can chose to keep all videos or purge them after a week, month etc.  During the set up, I had problem connecting to their cloud at first.  I called support and found out that the company was experiencing and general outage.  The issue was fixed after 24 hours and since than I have not experienced any problems with the product.  We at Posh Products approve this product and recommend it to you.