Nestled in Lansdowne Town Center, Five Peaks Power Yoga offers five different styles of yoga. This cozy, modern studio opened its doors in December and has quickly been building its own tribe of yogis in Loudoun County. “We view this as a home,” explains Co-Founder, Colure Caulfield. “We’re building this home for ourselves, for displaced yogis, and yogis who don’t even know that they’re yogis yet.” That last description got my attention. While I’ve practiced yoga a handful of times in my life, a yogi, I am not. I’m excited to learn that Five Peaks caters to all skill levels. Their students range from professional athletes to women in their late 70’s.

“This is for everyone to come as they are, today,” Co-Founder, Lauren Christian explains. “It takes a level of care, attention and instruction to meet people where they’re at and create a community where we can all grow together.” She offers a profound reflection of the journey that is yoga practice. “That’s the ‘five peaks’—we’re all on these different paths climbing up our own individual mountain, but yet we’re doing it together, as one community.”

I learn that the poses that everyone associates with yoga are just one limb of the eight limbs of yoga. “What we’re practicing is a way of life, focused on getting strong so we can take care of ourselves and others,” Lauren explains, “but we also want to create a community where we can cultivate the other aspects of yoga into our lives—the meditation, the service to others. Our hope is that our community takes yoga with them out of the studio and into their relationships, their jobs, their commutes.”

The size of this studio makes for an intimate setting. The classes are kept small and range from the 6AM “Awaken To Power” to start your day, to the 8 PM “Slow Burn,” set to candlelight, to re-center and prepare you for sleep. They even offer free evening meditations.

Five Peaks’ Kids Program is available for kids ages 4-13. Co-Founder and Five Peaks Kids Yoga Director, Megan Lamb, incorporates games and stories and also works on mindfulness and how to speak to one another. “We even teach kids to self-soothe to sleep,” Megan explains, “at a young age, they’re learning the importance of taking care of themselves, physically and mentally.”

I ask how yoga can help a stay-at-home mom like me and discover that yoga teaches you to keep a balance. “As a stay-at-home mom for five years, I found a lot of myself being about my kid and not about me,” Megan admits. “You really do lose yourself and have to find that balance where you can take care of yourself and be able to take care of your child. This is a place where you can come for an hour and really take care of yourself, in order to be a better version of yourself for your family.”

I’ve been searching for an outlet for myself—something that centers me. All of the Five Peaks founders are mothers and can relate. “I believe firmly that when I’m centered, feeling healthy and energized, I show up in a much more impactful way for my kids and my husband,” Lauren explains. “I’m grounded, I’m with them. I’m not stressed out or distracted. When you take the time to take care of yourself, it creates a higher quality of connection with the people in your life.”

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noblecrossfit-open17.5-tjbstudios-115NOBLE ATHLETICS STERLING

Noble Athletics opened in Sterling in December. Formerly Noble Crossfit, this massive new facility (double the size of their original facility off Sterling Blvd) allows Noble to offer more than just CrossFit classes. “We didn’t want CrossFit to define us,” explains owner, nutrition and CrossFit coach, Laura James. “We have a ton of athletes that do CrossFit, but we also have people that do Strongman training, personal training and nutrition coaching.” The word CrossFit can be intimidating but Laura says not to be. “We are normal, average people. Everyone remembers their first day of being out of shape and not really knowing what they’re doing when they first walk through our doors.”

Family owned and operated, Noble Athletics offers personal training on a group level. The classes are kept small, around 10 participants with 3-5 trainers, and the focus is on functional movements. There’s more personal attention than a typical group fitness class where there’s one instructor coaching a room full of participants. Noble offers Crossfit (an intense conditioning program), Bootcamp (simple workouts using light weights or body weight to work up a sweat), Barbell Club (Olympic Lifting) and personal training catered towards each individual’s weaknesses and goals.

Noble prides themselves on personalizing the workout for each person in the group. Someone may be training for a competition while someone else may be recovering from an injury. The workout can be customized towards both people. It’s a competitive atmosphere where you’re constantly challenging yourself and getting stronger. And the heavy lifting isn’t just for men. Laura competes as a lightweight Strongman athlete and can pull a truck using only her body! WHAT? Noble’s membership base is split 50-50, with just as many women as men in each class.

Need to step up your nutrition game? Noble Athletics offers personalized nutrition coaching ranging from weekly meal planning to just simply explaining which protein, fats and carbs their clients should be consuming on a daily basis. They also offer 30-day challenges, three times a year. These challenges are a “jump start” to help people learn how to eat with the support of a nutrition coach and those around them that have similar goals.

The team at Noble Athletics is inclusive. “Our community is a family,” Laura describes. “Whether you need help finding a new job, moving, or need a babysitter while you work out, our members help each other out no matter how big or small. We celebrate together, we mourn together and we work out together. Everyone pushes each other to be the best person they can be, inside and outside of our gym.”

Try it if you’re looking to: push yourself in a more competitive environment or clean up your eating in the new year.


The hottest studio in Loudoun County just opened in Loudoun Station. If you can come up with a class, they have it at Pulse Inferno. They offer a myriad of innovative classes without making members commit to just one element. Their schedule features Inferno Pilates, Psycle Jam (a hip-hop class on a spin bike) and their signature H.E.A.T. 45 class which increases your strength, endurance and mental toughness, all while changing your body through muscle confusion and metabolic conditioning. They even offer personal training and hip-hop dance (oh man, here I come). See the complete list of classes here: .

What sets Pulse Inferno apart from the competition? The owners realized that “hot” classes were lacking in Loudoun County. For all of their “inferno” classes, the studio is heated to 85 degrees (with 40% humidity). Why work out in the heat? Heat acclimation improves athletic performance, boosts metabolism and rids the body of metabolic waste through focused breath. The heat helps to boost your immune system, increases full body flexibility and prevents injury. Before Pulse Inferno opened, the only heated fitness option I’d heard about was Bikram yoga and that entails holding 26 poses for 90 minutes. No, thank you.

Pulse Inferno classes are innovative, highenergy and keep your body guessing what’s next. Membership includes an Inbody overall body composition assessment and they even have a Precision Nutritionist on-site who offers healthy meal prep services. Co-owners, Patti Franklin and Erin Long, are striving to build a community where they see their members progress in their fitness journey.

Try it if you’re looking to: take different types of classes without being limited to one style or if you just want to get your sweat on like you never have before. Erin shares her favorite quote when it comes to a fitness routine. “You have a choice. You can throw in the towel or you can use it to wipe the sweat off your face.” Pulse Inferno provides the towels. How will you use them?

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