Non-profit launches free online courses for quarantined students

Virginia Tech hosting the course program for duration of pandemic

As students remain trapped indoors and away from the classroom during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Boolean Girl, a non-profit organization that advocates STEM education for grades 3-8, has launched a free online course series. Students quarantined or otherwise isolated from their schools and educators due to the spread of the coronavirus can now continue their education and ready their minds for the day they return to the classroom.

The program, called Full STEM Ahead, is being hosted at the Virginia Tech campus and consists of a series of webinars and STEM-related video content that teaches students to code, build, invent, and animate. Each course focuses on a new engineering and/or coding project that is designed to encourage young students to explore STEM subjects as they navigate an ever-evolving, technologically-focused job field.

The courses are offered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 3-4 p.m. EST at

“We know parents and kids are looking to make time at home as productive and healthy as possible, so we have spent a lot of time with some excellent STEM educators to develop a rich online curriculum in a very short period of time,” says Brian Moran, co-founder of Boolean Girl.

Although Boolean Girl’s mission is primarily based around boosting the declining number of girls in STEM fields, Full STEM Ahead is open to boys and girls. The program’s first online class instructs students on how to reconstruct the first video game ever developed: Pong.

“It’s important to keep young minds active and forward thinking, especially in volatile, uncertain times,” adds co-founder Sarah Eastman. “We’re very excited about the participating we have seen with Full STEM Ahead so far, and look forward to offering more online content until we can all move past this virus together.”

Those interested in learning more about Full STEM Ahead or registering for the courses should visit

Media Information At A Glance:

When: Beginning March 16th – live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3pm-4pm EST.

Where: Log in at

PR inquiries: Email [email protected]

**Skype and in-person interviews available with students, teachers and parents and video opportunities available at Virginia Tech.