Noosa’s Fall 2018 flavors

We are obsessed with noosa yogurt! Fall flavors, high protein, delicious tastes.   

The crisp days of fall call for the smooth taste of noosa yoghurt, and we know how to bring some YUM to your pumpkin patch with five fall flavors including mates (mix-ins) and more. Their yogurts are made in small batches in Bellvue, Colorado with all-natural whole milk sourced locally from our farmer friends, all within 40 miles of noosa’s very own farm. Additionally, all of the yogurt is infused with a touch of pure wildflower honey (from North America) to add a unique, lightly sweetened taste.

Pumpkin Spice
pumpkin to pique your taste buds
New limited batch pumpkin spice noosa mates features our rich and creamy pumpkin noosa yoghurt made with real pumpkin and spices, topped with Purely Elizabeth granola, white chocolate chips and pumpkin seeds. It’s a noosa twist on a fall favorite that is available only for a limited time.

Maple 4-packs
Got that fall feelin’
New maple noosa gives you that sweet feeling of fall! Made with a touch of maple, like its mates counterpart, these new 4 oz. 4-packs now make it easy to grab a spoon and dive into the flavors of fall anywhere,

Apple and Caramel
a tantalizing duo
New caramel apple noosa yoghurt comes with two of our favorite flavors and brings them together under one lid. On one side you have velvety, smooth caramel noosa. On the other side is our decadent apple yoghurt. Eat them separately, or mix them together and you’ve got the richest, creamiest caramel apple you’ve ever had. Available at retailers nationwide.


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