Petite Flower Present…Holly Pan

Photo credit: Traci Medlock

Holly Pan, Digital influencer, fashion consultant, stylist, wife and mom

Photo credit: Traci Medlock

Meet Holly Pan, digital influencer, fashion consultant, stylist, wife and mom. Her gorgeous Instagram account shows Holly in exoctic locations around the world, modeling clothes most women could only dream about wearing. Lucky lady! But when I sat down to speak with Holly on a cold winter morning, she assured me that hard work, not luck, is what brought her her success.

Holly was born and raised in China and came to the United States to earn a master’s degree. She worked for years as a financial analyst at AOL before she became a mom to her two sons and decided to stay at home in what she called her second career. She considers her fashion career her third one, one that started as a hobby but now dictates long hours and a lot of hard work. Holly confided to me that behind every one of her glamorous, carefree photos, lies a stressed and exhausted working mom. She and her family live in the suburbs of Washington D.C., not exactly the capital of fashion, but she still manages to get her brand noticed. She has been featured in Washingtonian and Capitol File Magazine and now Posh Seven!

Stylish in her silver jacket and designer sneakers, she was easy to spot in our designated meeting space. We fell into an easy rapport as we scrolled through her impressive Instagram account, and I stopped at a particular photo that I loved. In it, she wears a fabulous hot pink dress, lying with eyes closed over a plush, grey throw blanket. She truly looks like a woman of leisure without a care in the world. “No!,” she insists. Her talented husband takes most of her photos, which is impressive in its own right, but emphasizes how stressful it is working with her spouse in this capacity. For every one of these carefree photos, hundreds of shots are taken and hours are spent on design and editing. Further proof that social media is not a real life indicator, but the fantasy that Holly has created that brings joy to her fashion followers.

I asked her about her incredible wardrobe and style; the clothes: feminine, sophisticated and bold. In addition to the big brands like Prada and Dior, Holly loves some of the edgy, emerging designers. With styes constantly changing, I ask her how she keeps up. With the brand she has created, it is essential to keep up with clothing trends. Although she is lucky to be sponsored by many designers, she still pays full purchase price for about 80% of her clothing.

She has created an image with her social media accounts and blogs and that image is kept up with the latest shoes, handbags, coats and dresses. Holly travels to Paris, Milan and New York to visit the famed houses of fashion to stay relevant, but these invites come at a cost. In addition to the financial aspect of these ventures, Holly is away from her family during these periods, adding the guilt that most career women share.

Photo credit: Traci Medlock

She is hoping the past few years will deliver her to her goal of being a professional stylist. She would prefer to step away from the camera and style the new generation of professional models. In order to reach her goal, she continues to improve her Petite Flower Presents brand. Staying relevant on social platforms is competitive and demanding. She can spend as much as four hours a day on social media, connecting with fellow influencers and always trying to stay ahead of the algorithims that keep you competitive and get you noticed. I asked her to tell me more about the influencer side of her work and any new trends she sees. According to Holly, Instagram should remain in the lead with YouTube gaining more influence over time. She sees small teams working together in videos and social media as an emerging influence. Her knowledge of photography, social media and computer technology is impressive and she provided me with great tips on photo edits, apps, accounts and anything that makes your selfie better!

Holly’s road to success has been met with the same challenges most working moms have, but she stays positive and wants to encourage all women to reach for their goals. Even in the glamorous worlds of fashion and social media, a working mom has to stay focused and determined, something Holly Pan continues to do very well.

Photos courtesy of: Holly Pan