Posh Meets Sports

Tips to look stylish on and off the field

As a mom, it is so easy to forget ourselves in the fun and chaos of everyday life. Sporting events are definitely those times that we put ourselves lower on the priority list. Between getting the kids ready and dressed or maybe it’s your week to prepare and organize the group lunch or making arrangements for the away game or maybe you are running behind on just about everything because, it is simply that type of day or week. It is understandable how you may simply dash out of the house without much effort to your outfit because you simply have to arrive at your event on time. However, making yourself a priority is just as important or at the very least, take a little time to step out the house looking as though everything is put together even though in reality things may be chaotic or falling apart.

Here are some tips and outfit ideas that will make you look like the stylish mom you are at your kids next sporting event. Best of all, these outfits are quick and easy to wear, and bonus, with a quick change in accessories, you are ready to meetup with adults and you will not look as though you just left the court or soccer field.

Athleisure has become a trendy look over the years and I am incredibly happy about that. What I like most about this trend is the comfort it provides, a significant factor to consider when selecting your clothing items besides style and fit. I also love the wide selection of color that is available with this trend, which makes the combination possibilities endless as well as exciting. My advice for your events, pick and wear your team colors to show team spirit with style.

Turning this look into one for an event with adults is super easy. Simply switch out your puffy jacket for a classy coat, add heels or boots and you are ready for your next gig. Bonus tip: Pick leggings that are not so obvious they are sportswear, for example, look for some that have the logo placed on the waist band and can easily get covered with a top or some that have a tiny logo that it is barely noticeable.

Outfit Details:
Beanie – Under Amour | Puffy Jacket – Calvin Klein | Leggings – Nike | Sneakers – Vans | Heels – GoJane | Coat – Express | Scarf – Forever 21 | Purse – Kate Spade

Wearing sport brands provides the benefit of looking dressed for the occasion. For mom’s that only have a few minutes to get dressed, I highly recommend using this trick. For this look, I used a turtleneck, which is a versatile item that can also work for office wear. If you just left work wearing a similar top, simply change into leggings and sneakers and you are out the door in no time. Additionally, the focus of your outfit is now on the leggings because of the brand name and not the turtleneck you had on earlier at work.

This transition outfit is my favorite. Fashion has evolved and allowed sporty bottoms to be worn with heels, and when done right, this look is as chic as can be. I also love that this trend makes it so easy, to switch from a game time outfit to one that is appropriate to hanging out with adults off the field or court and vice versa. The transformation requires almost no effort at all and for this look, a change in shoes is all that is required. I added white heels to match the white stripes on the leggings, simple yet chic.

Outfit Details:
Turtleneck & Coat – Zara | Leggings – Adidas | Sneakers – H&M | Heels – GoJane | Purse – Kate Spade

Jeans are the ultimate casual clothing item and a closet must have. My tip for jeans, fit should be the main thing to consider when picking a pair. Your outfits will look a million times better if the fit is correct. For game day, add a comfortable t-shirt and a cozy cardigan for warmth on those cold days. Because this look is simple, I advise using accessories to elevate the look of your outfit. Jewelry is a good start and even the simplest of studs will make it seem as though you took the time to plan your outfit. The backpack purse is another accessory to consider, they are currently in trend and I say take advantage of it. Adding fashionable pieces to your outfits is most definitely the easiest way to look stylish.

The post game look is a continuation of playing with the accessory tip. Simply change the backpack for an elegant purse. I chose one with velvet material, a style that is in trend this year and with good reason, velvet purses are so gorgeous. Finally, switch the sneakers for heels and you are ready for a fun meet up with friends or dinner with your significant other.

I hope these tips inspire you to dress up your game day and post-game outfits. Fashion is fun so always remember to have fun with it!

Outfit Details:
Cardigan – Forever 21 | T-Shirt – Adidas | Jeans – Fashion Nova | Sneakers – New Balance | Heels – GoJane | Backpack – DSW | Purse – Kate Spade

Article, styling and model: Style By Nia V
Photography: Ann Maas Photography