Posh Product Review: MOPNADO

Mopnado, www.mopnado.com

Best Spin Mop Ever

I hate mopping the floors at home.  Why?  You put water and soap in a small container and dip your mop in it.  You than have to use a lever to squeeze the excess water from the mob itself.  As long as the water is clean, this process is bearable.  Once you have done mopping a few rooms in the house, the water becomes dirty and disgusting.  The white mob you started with now is the color milk chocolate. 

Mopnado solved this problem.  They placed a built-in agitator that looks like the inside of your washer/dryer and spins to get the dirt off your microfiber mop.  Next to it, they placed a power dryer spin that gets the excess water off of your mop.

Their handle uses the same technology as a salad spinner.  With very little effort you are able to push down on the handle and start the spinning motion.  The price we paid for all of this is $59.99 and it is money well spent.  Posh Products tested and recommended.